Living FIT on the beach; Part 2

Last week was a blast and although some people think vacation is a time to take a break from exercise, we enjoyed having a ton of down time to get in a workout most days.  The next time you are on vacation, try to make time for one of these calorie burners…

Vacation Workout Recap

  • Saturday – arrived, casual walk on beach (boys came too!)

Living FIT on the beach-1

  • Sunday – 7.5 mile run on beach – phew! – slower pace, but a HARD workout with all the elements (sand, wind, jumping over ropes and rocks, wading through shin-high portions of beach… good training for an adventure race!)  If you aren’t on the beach, you could run on the street or even in the halls of your hotel.  In Vegas once, I ran for 45 minutes down the hall, down the stairs, back up the stairs, repeat [it was WAY too hot to run outside and the hotel gym was $25 per day ~ no thank you!].
  • Monday – 20 min water aerobics, casual walk
  • Tuesday – 30 min workout @ gym (arms and cardio intervals) – if there is no gym, do some intervals in your room!
  • Wednesday – 2 mile walk in town; Peggy did a one hour bike tour, Teresa did 15 minutes legs (squats, lifts, lunges)
  • Thursday – 3 mile run on beach, 1.5 mile walk
  • Friday – 2 mile walk in town, 15 min water aerobics/laps
  • Saturday – heading home 😦 REST
  • Sunday – long run back at home (8 miles)

Throughout the week we also did a LOT of activity with this little guy….

It is possible and even enjoyable to work some FITNESS into your next vacation!

Share your ideas with us!


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