FIT Spotlight // Interviews

Wanna learn about fitness experts & enthusiasts in and around Columbus?  

Check in as we interview them about their love of fitness, health tips and favorite cheat meals!



Amanda Spring // Wellness Coach

Amy Crandall // Personal Trainer, Instructor & [Fitness] Model

Rachel Kerr // Yoga Instructor & founder of The Beauty Barre

Rachel Wilson // Fitness Instructor & founder of barre-OM [barre+yoga fusion] method

Teresa Turnbull // MIT Run Coach

David Babner // M3S Sports founder & Cap City race director

Laura Santagata // Personal Trainer & Run Coach

Caren Leslie // Personal Trainer & Head Field Hockey Coach

Cbus ENTHUSIASTS  Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 4.47.04 PM

Deedra // Living Fit Run Crew Co-Leader

Lauren // Living Fit Run Crew

Christine // Living Fit Run Crew

Amanda R // Living Fit Run Crew

Mahvish // Living Fit Run Crew Alum

Lan // Living Fit Run Crew Alum

Agnes // Cbus Fitness Enthusiast

Celebrity/National EXPERTS

Cassie Ho, founder of Blogilates



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