Community Partners

We are all about supporting, cross-promoting and giving shout outs to other local businesses that share our FIT philosophy and passions! This page lists community partners that we’ve worked with. 

M3S Sports / Cap City Half Marathon 

We LOVE M3S races and the people that execute them so much that they have their own page on our Tour of Columbus highlights! M3S has always been supportive of the Columbus running community and we continue to work with them each year with promotional events, giveaways and races. For the 2019 Cap City discount code, use LIVINGFITCOLUMBUS for a $10 discount on registration. Hope to see you on some training runs, social events and of course, the finish line!

VOCCHighReswebsite: M3S Sports

Teresa via Living Fit has been a Cap City Half Marathon Ambassador or “Voice of Cap City” since 2018.

Columbus Commons

Why we love Cbus Commons:

  • Family friendly events, fitness events… all in the heart of Columbus

logo website: Columbus Commons

Teresa via Living Fit has been a Columbus Commons ambassador since 2016.  We have partnered with them to promote our mutual interest of both fitness and Cbus. 

Olentangy EntrepreNEERS Foundation

2018-19 logo website: Olentangy EntrepreNEERS

Teresa has been a business teacher and advisor at Olentangy Orange High School since 2012 and helped students start the Olentangy EntrepreNEERS Foundation in 2016. The EntrepreNEERS Business Club students started a t-shirt business and currently re-invest all earnings to continue to grow our non-profit operation. All donations are tax deductible, let us know if you would like to make a contribution or even better, order some t-shirts!

Previous partners we’ve worked with

Winans [Dublin]

Why we love Winans:

  • They are located in downtown/historic Dublin.  We used to meet @ Starbucks, but Winans is more personal, locally owned & happy to work with our runners to promote a love of fitness.  We still meet there sometimes, but as we’ve started “Touring Columbus” we don’t get there as much as we used to.
  • The franchise owner is a runner/marathoner and Boston finisher.
  • We love coffee.  And chocolate.  They have lots of it.  Enough said.       

Facebook page:  Winans   



Why we love Vitafusion:

  • They have products for adults & kids – and many of us are mommas!
  • Supplements are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Who doesn’t love a gummy!

product-2 website: Vitafusion

Disclaimer:  Vitafusion partnered with us for 2016.  Although we were compensated, all opinions were our own!

lululemon athletica [Polaris] 

Why we love lulu:

  • Their amazing, high-quality, high-style workout clothes that look cute, are anti-stink and last forever
  • Their positive corporate culture which includes the lululemon manifesto, goal-setting & community involvement
  • They are all about yoga, running and blogging… some of our very favorite things!
  • 10 reasons we love lululemon athletica”  Check out our blog post “10 reasons we love lululemon athletica” HERE




website:  lululemon   facebook page: lululemon on fb

Teresa via Living Fit worked with lululemon Polaris for several seasons to host group runs and coordinate healthy social events. 




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