Community Partners

We are all about supporting, cross-promoting and giving shout outs to other local businesses that share our FIT philosophy and passions!

Community Partners

M3S Sports/Cap City Half Marathon 

Teresa is a 2018 Cap City Ambassador.  We love these races so much, they have their own page on our Tour of Columbus highlights! Use discount code 18VOCLIVINGFIT for a $10 discount on the 2018 race!


Columbus Commons

Why we love Cbus Commons:

  • Family friendly events, fitness events… all in the heart of Columbus

logo website: Columbus Commons

Teresa via Living Fit has been a Columbus Commons ambassador since 2016.  We have partnered with them to promote our mutual interest of both fitness and Cbus. 

Previous Business Partners

Winans [Dublin]

Why we love Winans:

  • They are located in downtown/historic Dublin.  We used to meet @ Starbucks, but Winans is more personal, locally owned & happy to work with our runners to promote a love of fitness.  We still meet there sometimes, but as we’ve started “Touring Columbus” we don’t get there as much as we used to.
  • The franchise owner is a runner/marathoner and Boston finisher.
  • We love coffee.  And chocolate.  They have lots of it.  Enough said.       

Facebook page:  Winans   



Why we love Vitafusion:

  • They have products for adults & kids – and many of us are mommas!
  • Supplements are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Who doesn’t love a gummy!

product-2 website: Vitafusion

Disclaimer:  Vitafusion partnered with us for 2016.  Although we were compensated, all opinions were our own!

lululemon athletica [Polaris] 

Why we love lulu:

  • Their amazing, high-quality, high-style workout clothes that look cute, are anti-stink and last forever
  • Their positive corporate culture which includes the lululemon manifesto, goal-setting & community involvement
  • They are all about yoga, running and blogging… some of our very favorite things!
  • 10 reasons we love lululemon athletica”  Check out our blog post “10 reasons we love lululemon athletica” HERE




website:  lululemon   facebook page: lululemon on fb






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