Fit mommas!

Prior to baby making, life had a lot more free time to pick up and go… go run, go yoga, go do whatever!  Below are some tips & posts about working in your workouts after babies change your schedule.

Baby yoga-3

  • Find other FIT mommas.  They make great workout buddies and can relate to so much that’s going on in your life. Come join us for a run, we have lots of fit moms – and often our littles join us for our post-run coffee or social.  You can also look for a Fit4Mom group, a Moms Run This Town group or another mom related fit group. We are an amazing community.
  • Enlist help & make a plan for childcare… or incorporate your littles if possible!  You are allowed some mommy time to make yourself healthier. Some gyms, clubs and yoga studios even offer childcare, while some programs incorporate the little ones into the workout routine.
  • Alleviate the guilt. A happy, fit momma is a better momma!  Don’t let negativity override your commitment to a healthier you.  J. Lo said it best, “Make your own happiness and wholeness a priority [exercising, eating right, positive affirmations], so you can then share that happiness with others in your life.”

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