Living Fit Run Crew

Due to the pandemic, our regular group meet ups were postponed indefinitely. We still meet in pairs and small groups and many of us regularly hit up the amazing Woodway treadmills at Shred 415 on Sawmill Rd in Dublin. If we begin running together again in Dublin, we will update info here. Until then, check out the other COLUMBUS RUNNING GROUPS page! Have an update or want to start or add your own RUN CREW? Send us a DM on Instagram @LivingFitColumbus and we’ll update it asap! 


We are a small (but mighty!) group and we can usually count on a handful of regulars to show up for weekly group runs. We welcome new runners with open arms, so come join us! Bring yourself, a friend, your spouse, the stroller, the pup… anything goes. 🙂 Be ready for pictures because Teresa loves them. “Average” group pace is a 9-10ish min/mile, with several other attenders at varying paces from 8:30 – 12:00.  We typically meet for two scheduled runs per week (seasonally), but often meet up for weekly runs, yoga class & more.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 11.15.17 AMAll runs are subject to change! Regular attendees will be added to our private FaceBook group. Come run with us! 🙂 

Let’s Get SOCIAL! Follow our Instagram, FaceBook, TwitterEvents & News Calendar page or email if you have questions or want to connect!

Spring/Summer 2019 Schedule

  • Tuesday AM meetups =
    • Cold & windy? Barre3 Powell @5:45AM
    • Warm? 3-5 mile run @5:15AM
  • Wednesday PM meetups =
    • Jan&Feb = touring Cbus at fav local studios
    • March-October = outdoor 3-4 mile social runs @6PM, typically in Historic Dublin (runs conclude in mid October, usually around the Cbus marathon & before daylight savings)
  • Saturday runs = February – October
    • Start times vary based on schedules & weather (between 7-8:30AM), typically in Dublin, but love taking running field trips to meet up with other groups!



Season 1 Kick-off with lululemon Polaris // May, 2014


Emerald City Quarter Marathon


Buckeye Classic 10K


Scioto Miles 10 Miler


Buckeye Classic 10K


Color Run 5K before…

z - Version 2

Color Run 5K after!


M3S Sports “Finish on the 50” OSU 4 miler inaugural event


Columbus Running Co Dublin

Running while pregnant

Buckeye Classic 10K ~ Baby #1 – 32 weeks

Our Timeline History

  • Spring 2017-2020 // We met regularly, mostly in Dublin. Once quarantine shut everything down, we postponed our group runs indefinitely and hope to pick them up again someday!
  • Spring 2017 // We still love lululemon, but we are no longer affiliated with them on our Thursday night runs. Wear any apparel that you love!
  • Summer 2014 // Joined forces with lululemon athletica polaris to brand our Thursday group runs as #ptownrunclub & begin living #thesweatlife
  • Spring 2014 // Harbor Yoga inspired our love of sweaty, hot flow!  We began taking more yoga to help increase speed and reduce injury in our running.  We are now a running-yogi group!
  • January 2014 // Living Fit Columbus was born! We renamed our group & started this blog to embrace the local community and all things FIT in and around Cbus.
  • June 2013 // Moved our group run start location to Historic Dublin (several of us had moved out of Hilliard Grand) and began brainstorming names for our “new” running group, as well as ways to better reach runners in the community
  • Spring 2012 // Our RUN CLUB began with former Olympic medalist, Butch Reynolds & his [piloted] Gold Medal Mindset wellness program.  You can visit Butch @ HERE.  It was fascinating to work with The World’s Fastest Man!  As Mr. Reynolds moved on to other business ventures that fall, our Run Club was renamed ‘Hilliard Grand Run Club,’ supported by our  community builder, Schottenstein.

Throwback! We loved working with lululemon polaris during the 2014-2016 seasons!

Newsletter Archives (prior to our BLOG!) 

Run Club News Sep 2013

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Run Club News May Final 2013

Run Club News Sep 2012

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Gold Medal Mindset Flyer

Gold Medal Mindset News May 2012


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