Who are our readers?   Although we aim to write for all of Columbus and lovers of fitness alike, our main audience is women who love running.  We also try to specifically feature Columbus fitness businesses, fit mommas & yoga studios, but anyone who likes a good sweat may be found perusing our blog.  Likely while drinking a cup of coffee.

What are the submission guidelines?   We love to feature guest bloggers from the Columbus area!  Here are some recommended tips…

  • Read our blog to get an idea of what content we publish.  If its about running, yoga, local Cbus fitness businesses or just exercising in general… we’ll probably love it.  If you are trying to write for Amazon ads about a mattress… um, no thank you.
  • There is no word-count goal, but we like them shorter vs longer.  Maybe 500ish words?  People tend to zone out if there is too much text – unless you are a realllly good story teller or have a lot of great pictures!
  • Use a friendly, positive tone.  We are all friends here. 🙂
  • Include at least one high quality image that you own.  We can provide more if needed.  We like to use at least 2-3 images per post and do NOT use Google images or pictures we don’t own or have permission to use.
  • Your document needs to be able to be edited – we’d love if you could share with us at in a Google docs file that has edit permissions.
  • Include a short author bio (a few sentences) and if you’d like, a photo.  Feel free to also include a link to your own blog, if you have one.