About Living Fit & Meet our TEAM

Contact Info

  • Email // LivingFitColumbus@gmail.com
  • FaceBook // Facebook.com/LivingFitColumbus
  • Instagram // @LivingFitColumbus #LivingFitColumbus
  • Teresa [Burris] Gellenbeck // teresa.gellenbeck@gmail.com // @tgellenbeck1

Our MISSION:  Living Fit [Columbus] is a Dublin-based fitness group & blog that wishes to promote a lifestyle of fitness, health & happiness.  And the occasional cup of coffee.  Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.46.10 PM

Our GOALS:  

  • Tour Columbus finding the latest and greatest fitness studios, facilities and workouts
  • Tour the US and beyond to discover adventure through hiking, running, yoga and more
  • Interview fitness experts and share their knowledge with our readers
  • Promote fitness, health & wellness information
  • Help motivate those around us to be FIT and FABULOUS!



  • Teresa Gellenbeck // Founder of Living Fit [Columbus]
    • Leads group runs & (attempts to) motivate run crew
    • Maintains blog & social media
    • Works with community to create & promote events and communicate information that support a fit lifestyle
    • Learn more about here HERE!
  • Deedra Nicolet  //
    • Group run co-leader; assists with group runs, events and other LFC tasks
    • A former sprinter, Deedra has (finally) gotten into distance running, is a cyclist lover and races for the Pelatonia each year.  Learn more about her HERE!
  • Peggy Bohn ~
    • Regular runner, team cheerleader… our version of John Bingham, the Penguin!  Peggy is more of a ‘walker’ (although try and walk as fast as she does!), so often the caboose of the pack… but she likes it that way!  Peggy is one of the happiest, healthiest 60+ people you will EVER meet. Learn more about her HERE!

Living Fit Alumni [former TEAM members]

  • Christine Loncaric – was a regular runner & blog contributor for years! She helped us train for many races and we got to witness lots of her PRs. She was our Instagram co-founder & she gave us the push we needed to get it going! Sadly she moved to Cincinnati, but we hope to plan many destination races to keep in touch.
  • Kathleen ~ fellow fitness enthusiast who enjoys running, yoga, Cross Fit & has a minor obsession with fashion (lululemon, Ann Taylor Loft and various other brands).  She’d be happy to test or review any product you throw her way! Kathleen was very active in the spring and trained with us for Cap City 2014, but has been busy teaching and coaching… hope to see more of her again soon!
Columbus Half 2012

Columbus Half 2012


Our ORIGIN:  This blog was created in January of 2014 as…

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you’ll cruise around our blog for a while! 


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