Race week prep – Cap City 2019

It’s race week! Well, now it’s like the middle of race week, time just gets away from you doesn’t it?! I woke up early this morning – like waaay before my alarm went off – with Cap City on my mind and wanted to check in with those of you running this weekend.

What are you doing this week to prepare?

Whether you are running for fun or going for a new PR, there isn’t much we can do for our actual training this late in the game, but we can still do three things that will help us show up start-line ready… Sleep, hydrate and rest. Start chanting it… sleep, hydrate, rest. And maybe get in a few easy runs to get the jitters out. 🙂 I personally am trying to get at least seven hours of sleep each night, drink ALL the water and rest my body (vs those grueling middle-of-training workouts).

Check out some of our previous posts…

We were also featured on channel 10 along with Rocky Fork Run Club at one of our recent group run+social events, check out that recap… “Cap City hopefuls look to community for running inspiration.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.03.07 AM


I’m personally not going for a PR… but my husband is! Some prefer to run with a pacer, but he likes to run on his own. Last year he was on track for a sub 8 min/mile pace, but his legs cramped a lot the last few miles, which really slowed him down at the end. He still finished with a 1:47, an impressive 8+ minute PR from his first half, The Flying Pig, back in 2011. This year he’s got some new strategies (including more hydration, fuel and salt tablets), trained smarter and is hoping to break a 1:45. Wish him luck!

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 6.52.29 AM.png

Joey has trained much better this cycle and is RACE READY for his third half! 

What are your race day goals? Do you have more than one? If you have a finish time goal, use something like Cap City’s pacing chart or Runner’s World Pace Your Race charts…

Finish Time Estimator

Image result for half marathon pace chart

Be sure to allow time race morning to get down there, gear check (I like to pack a warm layer so I can enjoy the post-race party even if it’s chilly), warm up/stretch, potty, take photos (duh!) and get to your corral by at least 7:40. Visit Cap City’s website for all the last minute event details.

We have done speed work at RISE, Shred and OTF.

We’ve lengthened and strengthened at Barre3 and Harbor.

We’ve grinded out long run after long run.

We are ready.

See you soon Columbus! You’ve got this!



Live, Love, RUN The Capital City // 2018 recap

Live, Love, RUN The Capital City // 2018 Cap City Half + VIP Experience recap… and why YOU should join us in 2019!

With tomorrow being the last day to register for the Cap City Half with your name on your bib (who doesn’t love when a spectator yells out your name!), it seemed like a great time to give a shout out and glance back on last year’s party!!

Cap City 2018 was my 4th time participating in this Cbus event and my 2nd time participating in the VIP experience. We previously posted a recap on our first three finishes, you can view that post HERE or check out our M3S Sports page for lots of fun recaps down memory lane!

The “expo-tique” takes place at the VUE Columbus and is a smaller expo that is easy to get in and out of quickly. There are lots of photo opps, local brands & apparel pop-ups and if you’re doing the VIP (why wouldn’t you?!), you can enjoy a glass of bubbly and some extra goodies including a long sleeve pullover. My kids love expos so they tagged along to join in the fun!

Cap City VIP 2018 - 1Cap City VIP 2018 - 2Cap City VIP 2018 - 3Cap City VIP 2018 - 4Cap City VIP 2018 - 5

My husband (Joey, also running the half) and I attended an amazing VIP Reception at The Ivory Room immediately following packet pickup on the Thursday prior to the race. I didn’t get the memo on the “formal attire” so I was a little out of place in my leggings and Chuck Taylor’s… but I’m a runner and kind of a tomboy so we laughed it off! At least I had actually dried my hair! 🙂

Race director David Babner kicked off the evening and we got to meet up with a lot of the other ambassadors and VIPs of the event. The new Land Grant 13.1 Wheat was super refreshing and the amazing food by Cameron Mitchell did not disappoint!

Cap City VIP 2018 - 6Cap City VIP 2018 - 731404119_4876801729038_6316478953201988066_nCap City VIP 2018 - 8Cap City VIP 2018 - 9

As most runners do, I got my “flat Teresa” ready the night before. The weather prediction was dry, upper 40s, low winds and partly cloudy. After much debate, I chose a long sleeve quarter zip and crops.

Cap City VIP 2018 - 10

Race morning brought the usual jitters. Although I was injured most of this training cycle, I was still hoping for a sub two and wasn’t sure how my body would hold up. We left Dublin around 6:25AM, met up with several other runners and Living Fit gals downtown, dropped our gear at the VIP gear check and got our game faces on (after taking multiple photos, of course). Runners were asked to be in their corrals by 7:40AM. Cap City VIP 2018 - 11Cap City VIP 2018 - 12Cap City VIP 2018 - 13

The new course was a beautiful adventure around Columbus and always a fun way to explore the city – bonus that torturous hill at the end was gone! The gun fired at 8AM and I started with the two hour pace group along with a few fellow Living Fit friends. We chatted away the miles and once I hit the 10 mile mark, I was feeling strong and decided to pop in my headphones and surge ahead to the finish. Half marathon advice: treat that last 3.1 miles just like the 5k it is and kick butt my friend!

At the finish line, there were so many smiling faces. On this particular day, several of my run buddies and my husband had huge PRs so we had many reasons to celebrate! I had a course PR with a finish time of 1:56:50 so I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied.Cap City VIP 2018 - 14Cap City VIP 2018 - 15Cap City VIP 2018 - 16

The finish line party and VIP tent may be the best part of this race. I was very thankful for the warm Capital City Homage VIP pullover and the extra sweats I’d gear checked because it was a chilly day, but the runner’s high and post-race beverages helped keep us warm too! We hung out with running friends, other ambassadors and what seemed like half of Columbus. The 2018 Cap City Half goes down in the books as another successful half (number 18 for me!) and a fun way to celebrate fitness, health & happiness for all.

Cap City VIP 2018 - 20Cap City VIP 2018 - 17

Not registered for this year’s event? Use discount code LivingFitColumbus for $10 off registration of any of the three distances! We hope to see you at the finish line – it’s bound to be one heck of a way to spend a Saturday morning! 🙂

Waterfall hikes in Ohio // Part 1

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we love to run, hike & explore the great outdoors and all that Ohio has to offer. Previously we posted about…

We wanted to continue our tour of Ohio, this time from a “hiking” perspective and seeking out waterfalls which you can find at all of these parks (seasonally). Being parents, we dragged the littles along to all of these places, so yes, they are all family friendly too! This part 1 of a 2 part series includes the following three waterfalls…

  1. Indian Run Falls // Dublin, Ohio (Central)
  2. Hocking Hills State Park // Logan, Ohio (Southeastern)
  3. Honey Run Highlands Park // Howard, Ohio (Central, Knox County)


Indian Run Falls, Dublin Ohio 

Good for:  trail running, walking, hiking, wading/creeking

Overview:  This park is only a half mile from our house so we frequent it regularly and it’s our kids’ favorite summer spot! Located in our hometown, Dublin, this park is great for short hikes, wading/creeking and sightseeing. You can get almost a mile hike in on the dirt path, but stairs and uneven trails do NOT make it stroller friendly… so put that babe in a hiking backpack! There are three entrances and parking areas – Shawan Falls drive, Sells Middle School and then closer to the Dublin Library – so if you are meeting friends, make sure you specify which end. There are no bathrooms nearby so go before you arrive.

Indian Run Falls-6

Enter a caption

Indian Run Falls-2Indian Run Falls (3)Indian Run Falls (2)Indian Run Falls (1)

This last gorgeous pic is from @TomLaStrange via Instagram – an Ohio based Nikon shooter with many beautiful waterfall shots – check out his account for more! 

Although not much “hiking” is available, if you want to make an entire day out of chasing waterfalls in Dublin, other must see falls include the Hayden Falls and the Glick Park Overlook (below). More on these falls can be found at VisitDublinOhio.com!

Hayden Run Falls Dublin photography-1

Hayden Falls


Glick Park Overlook 


Hocking Hills State Park(s), Southern Ohio 

Good for:  trail running, walking, hiking, wading/creeking

Overview: Whether you do a day trip (only a little over an hour from Columbus) or spend the weekend, you will not be disappointed!  When #adulting & coming from Cbus, we stopped at Rock Mill Brewery & Hocking Hills Winery on one of our trips and loved both. We have been in the spring, summer & fall – the views never disappoint. The Hocking Hills area offers a wide variety of paths, both easy or hard, as well as breath-taking scenery including natural rock structures and lots of waterfalls. Many paths offer a “boardwalk” so you can bring a stroller if you prefer. Most main entrances have restrooms. A few of our favorite paths/trails were…

  • Conkle’s Hollow Rim Trail
  • Old Man’s Cave
  • Ash Cave
  • Cedar Falls

There are lots of different outdoor activities including zip lining and canoeing, you could easily spend an entire weekend here. So much to see and do!

Hocking Hills State Park – summer 2017

Hocking 1IMG_1943IMG_1958IMG_1952IMG_2005Hocking 2

Hocking Hills State Park – Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

Hocking Hills (1)Hocking Hills (2)Hocking Hills (3)Hocking Hills (4)Hocking Hills (5)Hocking Hills (6)Hocking Hills (7)Hocking Hills (8)Hocking Hills (9)Hocking Hills (10)

Honeyrun Highlands Park, Howard, Ohio

Good for:  running, walking, hiking, boating, swimming & creeking (known as one of the cleanest lakes in Ohio!)


We actually just went to Apple Valley Lake for the day with friends to swim & boat, but ended up finding a great place to also hike and creek at Honey Run Highlands Park & Waterfall! So don’t judge our bathing suits and flip flops – not the best for “hiking,” but we made due. 🙂 There were no restrooms on site, so go before you come.


Spring is only a week away so get out there and start exploring!

In our “Waterfall hikes in Ohio // Part 2” we plan to feature…

And then we’ll keep exploring Ohio…

Have a favorite hike or waterfall in Ohio? Tell us about it!

Tour of Columbus// barre3 Powell

Tour of Columbus – barre3 Powell, Ohio 

[by t gellenbeck]

I first tried barre3 [Powell] about a year ago when there was a community class posted on our local runner’s FaceBook page. It was a good sweat and we had a great time, but it took me a while to get back there again. When you lead a busy life and are trying to “fit it all in” – I typically opt for the workouts that are a tad closer to home (this is about a 15 minute drive for me) and give me that heart-pumping cardio workout that I crave as a runner.

Now, after almost a year of rehabilitating a nagging lower back/hip injury, I’ve committed to being consistent with cross training & strengthening muscle groups not used during distance running. Enter barre3! I LOVE this workout because it helps lengthen, strengthen & balance muscles that don’t get used as much during distance running, specifically my core and glutes. So much of the movement incorporated into these classes are exercises our Physical Therapists (yes, many of us have ended up in PT from distance running!) have recommended for runners. Don’t get me wrong, I liked working with my PT… but I’d much rather hit up the barre with friends. 🙂


The Tour:

You are greeted by smiling faces as you enter barre3 Powell, usually the instructor or one of the associates. I love studios that welcome you as soon as you walk in and make you feel at home! There is a retail area filled with various brands and apparel items, a locker room area with cubbies and a cute child care area that is utilized by many moms. The studios themselves are bright & clean, with natural light flowing in (unless of course, you’re doing that 5:45AM class we’ve been regulars at!) And bonus for those of you on your way to work or a hot date – there are beautiful, upscale showers fully equipped with all the essentials!

barre 3 powell columbus ohiobarre 3 powell columbus ohio 3barre 3 powell columbus ohio child careIMG_0910

Class/yoga practice:

The barre3 method is stated as “where ballet meets yoga+pilates” – a quote from founder, Sadie Lincoln (hoping to recap the podcast I recently listened to soon!) You often start with a dynamic ballet or yoga type warmup, followed by time on the barre and typically ending with seated/floor work. At this location, they provide all the extras for you – yoga mat, ball, weights, towels – so all you need is yourself and some water.

As I begin to ramp up for spring training and hopefully another sub 2 half at Cap City, my personal goal is to get to barre 1-2 times per week, while also getting in 1-2 strength sessions and 3-4 runs per week. I’ve made it an essential part of training and I am hoping it pays off by bringing me to the starting line healthy and injury free!

barre 3 powell columbus ohio 5barre 3 powell columbus ohio 6barre 3 powell columbus ohio 7IMG_0917.jpg

I was able to catch up with the Powell owner & fellow runner, Suzy Mihocik, and ask her a couple questions…

Why did you decide on barre3 when your entrepreneurial adventure began?

barre 3 powell columbus ohio 8

“I found barre3 after my third child was born. I had a background in both dance and running and had recently discovered yoga, but when I came in to take my first barre class, I was hooked. Watching someone move through a 60-minute class, you might assume that barre is an easy, light workout that you could use as a nice warm-up for a run. At least that was my initial impression! However, when I started moving tiny inch after tiny inch, I quickly became aware of muscles I didn’t even know I had. My legs were shaking, my heart was thumping, and sweat was dripping down my face. The workout was low-impact but high-intensity, and after finding a regular practice, I started to notice how I left every class feeling balanced and empowered, rather than wiped out and defeated. It was this feeling that led me to go through the instructor training process.

During my first year of instructing, I started noticing other ways that barre3 stood out amongst its competition: the permission we give every client to make it their own, the focus on mindfulness and self-awareness, and the recognition of imbalances as opportunities rather than failures, all of this in addition to being a full-body workout that combines strength conditioning and cardio bursts. I wanted to be more involved, so I started looking into franchising my own studio. Coincidentally, the owner of the Powell studio where I had been teaching was ready to move onto the next chapter of her life and looking to sell, so the timing fell right into place for me to continue where I already felt so at home. I feel very fortunate to play a part in a company that is so committed to teaching people to be balanced in body and empowered from within.”

What is your experience as a runner and what benefits does barre3 offer to runners?

“I started running in high school, and the first race I ever ran was the New York Marathon in 1998 as a senior in high school. Since then, I have completed two additional marathons, eight half marathons, and several other smaller distance races. As I got into my late twenties, I started experiencing a lot of pain in my right knee due to issues in my IT band. I thought my days of running were done, but after several months of physical therapy, I was back at it. However, I would start to notice the pain again anytime I got up into high mileage during a training season. Six weeks prior to the Columbus Marathon in 2015, it was bad enough to sideline me for three full weeks (but I did end up making it to both the starting line and the finish line of that race!).

When I started taking classes at barre3 shortly thereafter, I noticed that several of the postures we did were reminiscent of the exercises I had done in physical therapy. Barre3 has a prominent focus on core strength, including the naturally weak glutes that contribute to a lot of running injuries. As the strength in my hips and core increased, I felt so much stronger on each of my runs. I had not sought out barre3 to improve my running game, but that is exactly what it did. After aiming for a 2-hour half marathon for years, I finally hit that elusive PR with a 1:50:23. Even more importantly, I was able to get through the next several race seasons injury free, for the first time since my first marathon at age 17.”

Barre3 Powell Cbus Ohio

We’ve planned a few meetups on our ROAD TO CAP CITY HALF training, we hope you’ll join us! The next time we’ll be at barre3 Powell is one week from today, our barre3 + runners community class next Wednesday, February 27th at 5:45PM! Use promo code RUNB3 and join us for FREE! Suzy will also be offering a special discounted five class pass so you can join us for more drop in classes on our Road to Cap City if you’d like.

That’s it folks, time to go for a run. Hope to see you at the barre!

Barre shirts Columbus Ohio

Tanks made by & benefiting the Olentangy EntrepreNEERS Foundation, OOHS National Business Honor Society & Business Club. Email us at OlentangyEntrepreNEERS@gmail.com to get your custom tank in various fonts & colors, only $10-12 each!




The Road to Cap City… and a GIVEAWAY entry!

We are SO excited to be preparing for our fifth year of Cap City Half Marathon events! This is always a great weekend and you can view many of our recaps on our M3S Sports page. In collaboration with some running friends and a few local studios, we’ve developed a 12 week ROAD TO CAP CITY training challenge, which focuses on mixing things up and having some fun! We certainly hope you’ll join us!

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 3.43.30 pm

Click here for a printable version! –> 2019 training – road to cap city challenge printable

Weekly meet ups, events & community partners 

Although we have lots of places around Columbus we like to visit for a great sweat (see our Tour of Columbus page) some were love at first sight. We’ve partnered with three local favs during our challenge to bring you some special meet ups & keep your training fresh and in balance…

Barre3, Powell 

  • Owner: Suzy Mihocik
  • Perfect for: cross training, helping lengthen, strengthen & balance muscles that don’t get used as much during distance running – so much of the movement incorporated into these classes are exercises our Physical Therapists have recommended for runners!
  • Road to Cap City meet ups & events: Join us for our Barre3 + Runners community class on Wednesday, February 27th at 5:45PM. Use promo code RUNB3 and join us for FREE! Suzy will also be offering a special discounted 5 class pass so you can join us for more drop in classes on our Road to Cap City.

RISE Fitness Community, Upper Arlington 

  • Owners: Michelle Flemming & Jessica Kopp
  • Perfect for: speed & hill work (in the RRC classes), cross & strength training and getting in a push-your-limits, fat-burning cardio workout. Both owners and many of the trainers are certified run coaches and distance runners, providing crazy amounts of experience and knowledge to help you stay injury free, fall in love with running, set a new PR or whatever your goals may be!
  • Road to Cap City meet ups & events: Join us for their Rise Run Club Marathon/Half Marathon Training Kick-off Meeting on Friday, February 1st at 6:30PM. We’ll also be dropping in for weekly RRC and HIIT classes – including the RRC Power 7PM class on Wed Feb 13 –  as well as at least one outdoor group long run on Saturday mornings.

Harbor Yoga, Dublin

  • Owners: Angie O’ Brien & Heidi Bell
  • Perfect for: those that like their yoga HOT, upbeat and fast! Harbor’s cardio yoga will get your heart pumping. Start with a Level 1 class if you’re new to yoga. They do offer a slow flow on Sundays, a great recovery activity the day after your long run!
  • Road to Cap City meet ups & events: We will be attending a few drop in classes during our training (check in with us for a a special Road to Cap City discounted drop in rate!) as well as promoting Harbor’s donation based class on Friday, Feb 15 for the Wesley Grace Foundation for adoption.

Other groups we plan to meet up with include Rocky Fork Run Crew (helping coordinate our Cap City Kickoff Run+Social at Land Grant on Sun, Feb 3), Columbus Running Co, Fleet Feet/MIT training groups, MRTT & more!

Weekly workout schedule

Our weekly training is based on previous training schedules and races we’ve completed. What worked, and what didn’t. Collectively (there are three of us putting together this 12 week plan) we’ve run over 25 half and 5 full marathons – so although we don’t claim to be “experts” we have been through this a few times! 🙂 We aim to get in at least three runs per week; a regular run, a “push” or tempo run and a long, slow run. Our long runs climb one mile per week with a drop back week the weekend before race day. We believe that a well balanced training plan that has a mix of workouts will get you to the finish line healthy, injury free and ready to go!

*Disclaimer: always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program  

Wait… did you say giveaway!? 

Yes, we are giving away two complimentary registrations to the Capital City Half Marathon events! Participants can enter up to FIVE entries, see below for details.

  • 1 entry –> Attend RISE Run Club Kick-off Meeting Friday, Feb 1st
  • 1 entry –> Attend our Cap City Kick-off RUN+SOCIAL at LandGrant Sunday, Feb 3rd at 1PM in conjunction with Rocky Fork Running Club
  • 1 entry –> Participate in the M3S Ohio Health CBJ 5th Line 5K, Saturday, Feb (post a pic to Instagram and tag us @LivingFitColumbus or email us LivingFitColumbus@gmail.com with CAP CITY ENTRY in the subject line)
  • 1 entry –> Attend our Wed Workout on Feb 13th @7PM at RISE Fitness
  • 1 entry –> Instagram 2/13 Inspiration Challenge! Follow @M3SSports @LivingFitColumbus and @CapCityHalf on Instagram. Then post a picture (story or grid) that shows how you are preparing for  “The Road to Cap City” and inspires others to be fit! It could be from a recent run, your favorite cross training activity or fitness studio, how much water you drink, your go-to rest day or self care tips… just be sure to tag us and if possible, use the #LivingFitColumbus hashtag. You have 24 hours so post by 8:30AM on 2/14!

Giveaway will be separated into two categories; Living Fit Columbus regular runners & the general Cbus 6run4 community. Winners will be announced on Thursday, February 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉 Or if you aren’t doing the giveaway  – use discount code LIVINGFITCOLUMBUS for $10 off your Cap City event registration! 

We look forward to training & “challenging” ourselves with the Columbus running community this spring. See you on the trails – or rather, the road to Cap City! 🙂

Fitness goals for 2019

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when most of us start reflecting back on the previous 12 months, all that you’ve accomplished, the memories you made and possibly, the things you wanted to do… but didn’t quite get to.

Some of my favorite 2018 fitness memories include running in over 10 cities, completing my 18th half marathon, hiking the Smoky & Rocky Mountains and finishing a two mile race with my 5 year old (hoping for a 5K in 2019!)

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 10.36.01 pm

Most of my frustrating moments involved an ongoing injury and at least temporarily, postponing PR & bucket list goals. Thankful for medical professionals (think doctors, PTs and chiropractors) and emotional support from family and running buddies. 🙂

Then as the new year rolls in, we start looking forward on all we hope to accomplish. Perhaps you’re cleaning out closets & drawers – have you seen the series, “Tidying Up?!” Maybe you’re planning to spend more time on discovering your passions or reading (Girl, Wash Your Face!) or making a travel bucket list & budget. Or if you’re a distance runner, you’re likely choosing races and training schedules.

What are your 2019 goals?

Do you have a short list or long one?

Image may contain: Teresa Burris Gellenbeck, smiling

Here are some we’ve thrown around on recent group runs.

  • Stay healthy and run for fun – although racing and training are great, listening to your body and knowing when to “go easy” is just as important
  • Do more yoga, barre and cross training – a stronger body can help prevent injury & help you run faster
  • Attend a variety of group runs  – new routes and new friends!
  • Try a new workout or local studio – we recently visited and loved the new Shred 415 in Dublin and plan to check out many more in 2019! Visit our Tour of Columbus area to see some of our favorites over the years.
  • Try a new race, event or new destination – we are planning to do the Flying Pig 10K as a girls’ destination weekend… maybe another?
  • Register for an “old favorite” – we are running Cap City again this April and can’t wait! Stay tuned for our 2019 Road to Cap City Training Challenge and details regarding kick off events. And if you haven’t yet registered, use our Cap City discount code LIVINGFITCOLUMBUS for $10 off your registration!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Check out some of our previous posts related to fitness & wellness Goal Setting and if you’re a momma, take a minute to read Rachel Hollis’s post “How to Have a Dream and Be a Parent.”   You’ll be left feeling inspired and ready to tackle the new year.

Image result for rachel hollis write your goals downGood luck working towards your 2019 goals & dreams! 

Cbus Park Tour & Passport // Part 1 Northwest(ish) Columbus

We’ve been touring parks around Columbus for the last several summers, exploring all that our amazing city has to offer. From fitness trails and events, playgrounds, extreme adventure and awesome photography opportunities, the great outdoors in central Ohio never disappoints! We have two little ones (2.5 and 5.5 years old) so most of our posts include them, although you could easily entertain yourself without an entourage. 🙂

Check out some previous posts here…

This summer we discovered that the Columbus Metro Parks started a METRO PARKS PASSPORT PROGRAM. Visit the 19 metro parks using the passport as your guide to “Discover Your Nature” and you can earn a t-shirt and a swag bag, not to mention all the memories you’ll collect along the way. My five year old loves conquering the parks and finding the ranger to get his stamps – a real life scavenger hunt – so the prizes at the end will just be a bonus! We started at the park headquarters to pick up the passport, maps & even stickers for the littles.


Here are the parks we will cover in this post…

  • Glacier Ridge Metro Park
  • Homestead Metro Park & Heritage Trail
  • Highbanks Metro Park
  • Scioto Audubon Metro Park
  • Sharon Woods Metro Park
  • Prairie Oaks – Overview coming soon… hoping to make a stop here this week & we’ll update this post to include it with the “NorthWest” portion of Cbus parks! 

We live in Dublin, so these were the ones that were closer to us on the Northwest-ish side of Cbus. We’ll conquer more this summer & fall, hopefully completing the passport before the weather gets too chilly! We’ve done a quick recap of each, visit the Columbus Metro Parks website for detailed information on all the parks, trails & more!

Glacier Ridge Metro Park 

Good for: running, walking, biking, picnics, cross-country skiing, climbing, riding, disc golf

Overview: Glacier has two entrances with paved trails that connect the two parking areas. We’ve run many races here and frequent this park the most (its in our hometown!) They have recently added a really cool obstacle course to the north end, perfect for a family outing, a hardcore workout or hey, even date night! There is a playground at the north entrance, a wetlands observation deck at the south entrance and seasonal restrooms at both entrances.


Homestead Metro Park & Heritage Trail 

Good for: running, walking, biking, picnics, fishing, photos, dog lovers

Overview: Homestead is one of my kid’s favorite parks, with two playgrounds, a large tractor (we actually call it “the tractor park”) and a bright blue caboose they can climb on. The photographer in you will love all the photo opportunities with a historic white Ohio barn, tractor, caboose, a covered bridge and open fields perfect at sunset. The park itself only has a 3/4 mile loop trail, but it is in the center of the 6 mile Heritage Trail which runners, walkers and bikers can easily connect to. If you’re trying to collect all three stamps for your passport or brought your furry friend, you’ll want to make a stop at the Heritage Trail & Dog Park about 3/4 miles away.


Highbanks Metro Park 

Good for: running, walking, biking, hiking, picnics, cross-country skiing, sledding, fishing, canoeing

Overview: Highbanks is another park we frequent more often, partially due to its location (we live in Dublin and work in Lewis Center) and partially due to its challenging, yet beautiful terrain, perfect for trail runs or hikes. There are tons of trails including paved, natural, gravel and varying from easy to hilly & strenuous. The Nature Center is a great place to take a break from the heat & has a children’s learning/play area. The park has a playground as well as a natural play area and lots of areas for picnics & those mid-hike snack breaks!


Scioto Audubon Metro Park 

Good for: running, walking, biking, picnics, fishing, climbing, photos, dog lovers

Overview: Scioto Audubon is for the adventurer with a nine station obstacle course and a 35 foot climbing wall! Bring your camera along and enjoy photo opps including a skyline of Columbus, several observation decks and open fields that are glowing at sunset. There is also a dog park for your four legged friends.


Sharon Woods Metro Park 

Good for: running, walking, biking, hiking, picnics, cross-country skiing, sledding, fishing

Overview: This was actually our first park stop because we picked up our passport from the nearby park headquarters. We’ve come to Sharon Woods for a few playdates and runs, but this was our first time really exploring all that the park offers. There are multiple trails including paved, gravel and grass, several playground areas and multiple docks for the water & fish lovers. Several hills will give you a great trail run workout and/or a perfect spot for some winter sledding.


Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 as we continue the Columbus Metro Parks Passport Program! We are loving all the adventure… and memories!

Work That Buti at Bexley Yoga // Blogger Event Recap

As part of the Cbus Fitness Influencers group, we get invited to a lot of cool events, spaces & places. Last Friday was no exception as we checked out a unique type of yoga at Bexley Yoga in Upper Arlington called Buti Yoga. The event organizer was Lindsay of Find Where You Fit and I was happy to finally meet her in person. She is a Columbus fitness & wellness blogger @FindWhereYouFit and “Your PT and guide to fitness in the 614 and beyond.” We likely would have met up sooner… except for that she hates to run which is kinda my thing. 🙂

This was my first visit to Bexley Yoga and it was such a cute studio! A quaint, inviting space with pixie lights, a ballet bar, props for yoga class and a small retail section with some local goodies including Bend Active.


If you’ve never tried Buti Yoga, it’s part yoga, part tribal dance, a bit wild and a LOT of fun. An article on “What is Buti Yoga?” explains that “Buti is a practice of going within to discover your true power and full potential… It’s for the Boss Babes.” Amy Lee, the owner of Bexley Yoga, told Lindsay as they were organizing the event, “They’ll love it, but it definitely needs to be on a Friday night. It’s kind of like a party.” So Friday night it was! We first met Amy (owner) and later I read her story on her website about how Bexley Yoga came to be. Inspiring!


The class then started and it was definitely an adventurous, “wild” class! It was a good mix of plyometrics, vinyasa yoga with some flow & a sprinkle of tribal dance. Class was lead by Stacy and I LOVED it. We got in a great sweaty workout, while feeling feminine, sexy and empowered. I didn’t get any mid-class pics because I was too busy workin’ it, but snapped a few at the end…


Being a blogger’s event, we finished class with some snacks (thanks Lindsay) and some Sierra Nevada (thanks SN!) First we sweat, then we socialize… the perfect ending to a fun Friday night with some of Cbus’ finest fitness gals!IMG_1240IMG_1242IMG_1243IMG_1247

I would HIGHLY recommend both Bexley Yoga and Buti Yoga. Its not yet on their class schedule, but may be offered soon and can be inquired for private events. As quoted by Yoga Fever… Buti Yoga will rock your world!


My race is over… now what?

Your big event is over. Maybe it was a vacation you long awaited. Maybe you planned a wedding for the last 14 months (the average length of an engagement). Or maybe, in this case, that big race you trained for 3-4 months has come and gone.

I’ve always liked having things on my calendar to look forward to. Planning for them. Anticipating them. Adding and checking things off the to-do list. A race is no different. I choose an event, then a training plan. I make time in my schedule. I train and record – what worked and what didn’t – in my training log. I work my butt off (well, not literally). I show up race morning with anxiety & nervous energy. I have fun and do my best.

And then, just like that, its over.

So now what?

After the Cap City Half last Saturday, I enjoyed a beautiful Sunday relaxing with family, reminiscing through my iPhone gallery and browsing all the race photos filling my Instagram feed. Recap on that, coming soon!

Then Monday came and I was like, “So… what’s next?”

We have a few smaller races on the calendar, some family vacations planned (woohoo!) and an upcoming wedding for some dear friends… but not having a BIG, distance race to work towards leaves me feeling a tad off fitness-wise. So I texted & emailed some run buddies, posted to a few running groups on FB, spent time Googling terms like “best destination races,” dreamed about doing a destination race, analyzed my budget (hello Personal Finance!), bothered my husband… and on and on.

Without much progress being made, the jury is still out. I’m not sure what 2018 or even 2019 has in store for my personal fitness goals. Maybe I’ll knock state #10 off the half marathon bucket list? Get stronger & faster… and strive for a new PR? Attempt my first relay or pump & run or duathlon… or dare I say triathlon? Or perhaps I’ll end up doing the Emerald City or Columbus Marathon races again, they are great ones!

I know I’ll soon have a plan and yet another fun fitness/running event to look forward to. Until then, I’ll continue to research and dream.

What are your running goals for the rest of this year and beyond?

Are you making time to dream, plan and pursue? 

We’d love to hear from you!


RACE WEEK!! Cap City’s 15th anniversary party is right around the corner!

This Saturday is RACE DAY! Anyone else excited (but anxious) for the Cap City Half Marathon? We have a fun week filled with a short group run, a 15th anniversary VIP reception, a visit to the expotique at The Vue Columbus, the race (duh) and of course, the after-party in the Cbus Commons! Many local companies will be present or represented this year, my favorites including Homage, Land Grant Brewery & Cameron Mitchell.

We have had a loooooong winter with too many cold runs. We have fought through wind, rain, snow and sub-zero temps. Some of us have dealt with injury. First timers and those trying to PR may be trying to control anxiety. Many ran & trained on vacations and business trips across the United States (and maybe beyond!) As you reflect back on your training and look forward to Saturday morning, remind yourself of all the hard work you’ve done and be proud of yourself, no matter what happens.


Many of you are tried & true veterans, but a lot of you are first timers! Here are some tips that have helped us prep for “race week” and the big day you’ve been working so hard towards…  {revamped a little from our previous 2014 Cap City blog post}

Five Things To Keep In Mind During Race Week
1.  Stay hydrated and eat

  • Hydrate all week!  I’ve learned to hydrate Mon-Fri, but then cut back a bit at Friday’s bedtime and into race morning. I prefer not to have to stop for a pee break along the course!
  • The few days leading up to the race, try to consume only “normal” foods that your body is used to. This is not the time to try something new that may give you stomach issues. Eat clean so you feel great!
  • Pre-race dinner // Something you’ve tried before and know it works. Think lean protein, small serving of carbs and lots of vegetables. Nothing too heavy or spicy. One glass of wine may help you sleep, but a bottle will dehydrate you… so find some balance. 🙂
  • Race morning breakfast // your standard, pre-long-run breakfast ~ don’t try anything new! For shorter races I just have a banana with peanut butter, but for longer races (halfs and fulls) I’ll throw in a piece of bread or half a bagel. Eat early enough that you can hopefully make a potty stop before the gun shot start. I’m usually a ball of nerves and not at all hungry, so I have to force this. Heck, I’m nervous just writing this post and *thinking* about race morning!
  • Race day fuel // again, use only what you’ve tried previously. Some are okay on just water and/or a Gatorade type beverage along the course. I usually do some light fueling (a few HoneyStinger gummies) somewhere along the half way mark and a swig of water towards the end. This year, Cap City is offering a Carb Boom! Energy Gel station around the 6.5 mile marker.

2.  Try your best to get some quality sleep.  They say that its the “night before the night before” race day that you have a chance of getting some rest… and I’d agree. So for a Saturday race, you may not sleep well Friday night (pre-race jitters, early morning rise & run), but try to get a good night’s sleep on Thursday night. Some bed-time yoga may help you fall asleep!

3.  Make arrangements to get your packet at the expo. Don’t forget this important detail! This can be a challenge if you’re doing an out of town race and the expo ends at say, 7PM the night before, so plan accordingly. Many races will allow a friend to pick up your packet for you, but know the requirements.

4.  Plan out race morning & all the details.

  • Have your clothes, socks, shoes, race bib, safety pins, Garmin/iWatch, race fuel, music playlist, poncho, throw aways ~ anything you need ~ ready the night before. It’s also best if you’ve done a (long) run in your race day attire.
  • Figure out where you will park, what time you need to leave and where you will meet up with loved ones or spectators. We like to be down in the area around an hour before the gun start. You may also want to hit up the good ol’ porta pot!
  • Run through your finish line goals! I always recommend having more than one… that way you don’t feel defeated. I’m not going for a PR this race and ideally I’ll be able to hang with the two hour pace group… but any finish is an accomplishment, so that is always the main goal!

5.  RELAX!!!!!!  You have done the hard work! You have likely logged a training run somewhere close to your race distance [we got in a 12 miler]. Some like to do a yoga session or short, easy walk/run the day before to relieve some jitters. Some will do a SHORT “shake out” jog the morning of. Get some rest, show up on time, start your power play list (I usually save mine for mile 10 and try for a strong 5K finish) and be ready to take some fabulous pictures at the finish line! YOU GOT THIS! 

Cheers to another 13.1 or whatever your distance! See you at the finish line party Columbus!

Still got time? Check out some of our training memories from this year’s road to Cap City!