Fit Pregnancy: Before, During & After


During pregnancy #1, I kept a journal [aka BUMP BOOK] which I documented my exercising and all things FIT during pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy was welcomed and encouraged by bothBaby_CrossFit_Ultrasound my OB and my family doctor (who is also a runner) and I ran until 32 weeks, after which I switched to run/walking and eventually just walking.

With baby #2, I unfortunately was considered high risk, due to some previous complications [two losses and some trouble getting pregnant] and my age [after 35 you are considered high risk anyhow].  So my exercise consisted of jogging and power yoga during the first trimester, but slowed to walking, slow flow yoga & occasional light weights during the second and third… oh and chasing around my toddler.

For those interested or considering FITNESS during pregnancy…

  • Remember that I am NOT a doctor or expert, just an enthusiast, so please contact your own doctor and consider your own body, medical history, etc.
  • Most doctors and experts I’ve encountered say pretty much anything your body is used to BEFORE pregnancy, you can continue to do!  For me, that meant I could continue running. With baby #1, I slowed down a bit, but I ran a 10K at 32 weeks!  With this pregnancy, I’ve really slowed it down, but as previously stated that is due to my own medical situation.
  • Some exercises to be cautious of (or eliminate) are hot yoga or anything that increases your internal body temperature too high, heavy lifting late in your pregnancy, contact sports and anything that would put you at risk of falling.

Living Fit Columbus posts…

Here are some other great articles and blogs…

As far as apparel, in the beginning you can still wear normal clothes.  I was in regular clothes with both pregnancies until somewhere in the midst of my second trimester.  Once it starts becoming uncomfortable, many brands carry maternity lines, including my personal favorite FOR TWO FITNESS.

Don’t let pregnancy make you feel like you just have to sit at home and prop your feet up (unless that is doc’s orders!)  Keep active & keep healthy!

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