wan·der·lust  // a strong desire to travel.

“See that line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me.” – Moana, Disney Princess. Moana is like my spiritual sister. I’m not as much of a voyager as her and I don’t know how to sail, but I do love to travel! It’s in my soul. I love exploring and making memories in new places. I love to visit old favorites. And I really love palm trees and the sound of the ocean during a run or some outdoor flow.

Vacation used to mean “time off” from exercise. Time to sleep in, kick back and relax. Not feel guilty about taking a week off from running.

But as I’ve gotten older, exercise, especially running & yoga, is therapeutic. Stress relieving. Dare I say… enjoyable. I love to explore new places, so what better way to experience a vacation than by running a scenic route? Perhaps catching a glimpse of the sun coming up or setting in a new place?  “Running… there is no better way to see the sunrise and sunset” claimed Amby Burfoot, former Boston Marathon winner.

Make time during your next trip to sweat it out. Or better yet, plan your next trip around it! Your healthier, happier self with thank you.

Living Fit 1

Bike ride & yoga stops, Puerto Rico 2017


Ways to exercise during travel

  • Find a running route or a local running group to meet up with
  • Plan a trip for a scenic destination race (Wine Country has a half marathon!)
  • Find a hiking trail to climb at sunrise or sunset (we use an app called Trail Link) 
  • Visit a beautiful coast and do some beach-side yoga
  • Rent bikes and see a new city (take a camera!)
  • Find a local kayak or canoe rental and head down stream
  • Jump in!  The water, that is.  Swim some laps in the pool, lake or ocean, whatever you have access to.

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10 mile long run with yoga stops, Puerto Rico 2017

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Yoga on the beach! HHI 2014