Weekly workout

As promised, we will try to feature a new WEEKLY WORKOUT to keep things fresh around here.  The same old, same old is not only B-O-R-I-N-G, but your body adapts to a particular workout and then plateaus.  This week, try an interval run.  pumapunisherThe PUMA PUNISHER is an example, thanks to LiveLifeActive.com for sharing.  Personally, I think 10 is too fast and 5 is too slow, so I’ll modify it to fit my running needs (prob 8.0 as max and 6.0 as min).

Here is another example for a 30 min workout, compliments of slimsanity.com…

30 minute race pacing treadmill workout

Adjust to YOUR needs and remember, only try intervals if you’ve been running consistently without problems.

You could also keep the speed constant and adjust the incline.  Or if you’re outside (meaning you live in the South or West or are crazy, as its been -15 here recently!) you could just pick up your pace for one-three minutes, then slow back down.  

If I get overly ambitious, maybe I’ll create my own and post it (after successfully completing it, of course).

Happy (speed) running!


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