Spring – YAY! Head out for a run!

ShoesYesterday was the first day of Spring and today I had the pleasure of running outside in 65 degree SUNSHINE!

In a tank top!

So those of you that have been staying indoors due to the awful winter we had, find your running shoes, dust them off, strap them on and hit the trail!

Our Living Fit Running Group will be meeting tomorrow @ 9AM to run 8+ miles as we train for the Cap City Half.  Come join us!

A few Friday Fitness Funnies to get us through the weekend…


Hopefully the cold winter running days are [mostly] behind us!  It may get cold next week, but we will stay positive.


A friend sent this one to me the other day (thanks BVelch!) and it made me laugh 🙂

 I used to ‘Run to Eat’ literally.  I LOVE chocolate, pasta, bread, wine, chocolate, Starbucks caramel lattes, chocolate… you get the idea.  I would RUN so I could burn these calories off.

As I’ve tried to be more fitness and health conscience over the last two months, I’ve realized that what you eat is SO IMPORTANT to your overall fitness and physique, especially when trying to lose weight ~ 70-90%  according to various fitness experts (the other 10-30% is exercise and good ‘ol genetics).  So its okay to indulge every now and then… but try to consume the sweets in moderation if you want to get lean and mean!  Spring is upon us and before you know it, Summer will arrive and you’ll be heading to the pool (and don’t you want to look like the girl in the photo above, haha!)

So I vow to try and continue to eat clean and healthy.  Most of the time.  With the occasional sneak of chocolate.

Happy weekend!  See you on the trail!

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