Yoga Challenge – Day 7

Day #7

Today is just some easy yoga practice on the mat at home [following a short walk/run/hike!].  We practiced the first six poses from the maxresdefaultInstagram #IndependenceArmy challenge and attempted today’s pose, pendant [lolasana]. Pendant is an advanced posed, often practiced last in Ashtanga so we are just putting a dent in it ~ mastery someday!

Kino Yoga has a great video how-to for beginner’s to get started and build up strength for pendant.  That’s Kino —————->

The #IndependenceArmy challenge is hosted by Laura Sykora [@laurasykora and @twofitmoms], Kino MacGregor [@kinoyoga] and Kerri Verna [@beachyogagirl].  All three have fabulous Instagram accounts, online tutorials and much more, so check them out some time when looking for inspiration.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM


Inspirational quote of the day… 



Have you visited your fitness goals lately?  

Happy Monday 🙂


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