Yoga Challenge – Day 10 [yoga for runners]

Day #10  

town run club Thursdays @6:30PM

ptown run club Thursdays @6:30PM, Historic Dublin

Today we have our ptown run club group run, Yay!  Come and join us!

We are doing this BOOTCAMP style & will work our 10 minutes of daily yoga into our run tonight…

1.  Quarter mile warm up walk, light dynamic stretching (if needed)

2.  One and a half mile warm-up run at conversational pace

3.  Runner’s choice!  Either…

  • Run another mile out (1/2 mile out, 1/2 mile back to us)  OR 
  • lululemon’s Pre-run poses & stretches for better running & some other moves [plank, mountain climbers, burpees, whatever you’re feelin’]

4.  One and a half mile run back at your push pace [pick it up a bit from your warm-up run] or conversational, whatever you’re feelin’

5. lululemon’s Post-run poses & stretches for better recovery – modifications if we can’t find a wall


6. Chug water.  Smile.  🙂 Done!



The #IndependenceArmy challenge pose for the day is a modified plank, so we worked that into our workout above as well.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM


Inspirational quote of the day… 

So many inspirational running & yoga quotes here, we’ll just give you the whole thing!




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