Yoga Challenge – Day 13

Day #13

Although we debated taking a class today at our favorite yoga studio, Harbor Yoga [they have a slow flow, non-heated class today we’ve been wanting to try] or joining the complimentary Sunday Funday class at lululemon athletica polaris, the day got away from us.  Sometimes you just want to relax at home on a Sunday, you know?

So the mat was busted out and a 20 minute session was created on the fly.

Twenty minute at-home session

  • Warmup of five flows [Mountain, forward fold, chaturanga, up dog, down dog, forward fold, holding each for 10 seconds]
  • Three-five minutes of core work [full and half planks, side planks, boat]
  • Five minutes of practicing some in-progress poses [crow, headstand]
  • Five-ten minutes of practicing the yoga pose of the day [see below]

The #IndependenceArmy pose of the day is Pinchamayurasana, or Feathered Peacock Posture or Forearm Balance.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM9b7ebb84374811e3b79d22000a9e5e12_6

Love that Laura does yoga with her mini… our little guy is often photo-bombing during yoga sessions! 


Here are some videos we used to practice; 

Forearm balance with Kino – Kino suggest working on open scissors before bringing legs all the way up  Lika-Elwood2-225x300

Forearm balance by Briohny of Yoga Earth – a nice little warm up and another look at the pose

How to do yoga forearm stand by Bend Yoga – they show beginners how to use a wall

There are several methods of bringing your legs up, find what works for you


A fitness saying/quote for the day… very appropriately matches today’s yoga pose!


Follow our yoga challenge from the beginning HERE.

Hope your Sunday is what you want it to be.  Namaste.

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