Staying motivated to MOVE in these cold winter months…

We woke up to several inches of snow today!  image(11)


As it gets colder, a lot of us cut back on our running miles and perhaps even exercise in general.  There is so much shopping, baking, traveling, holiday movie watching to do that we often get busy and don’t make time.

Here are some ways to keep yourself moving during this busy, COLD time of year…

  • Sign up for a distance race in the spring or summer to motivate yourself to keep running through winter.  Try to get outside or on the treadmill at LEAST once per week… you don’t want to lose that mileage endurance!  Some we are looking at…
  • Tight on cash?
    • Take advantage of lululemon Polaris & Easton, as well as other apparel stores that offer complimentary yoga and fitness classes!
    • Find a running group to join.  You can see our Living Fit winter schedule HERE.   lululemon-athletica_416x416-300x300
    • Bundle up and get outside to PLAY!  Remember when you were a kid and loved to play outside?  The doggies certainly love it!  You can run, walk, jump, roll, sled (hill climbing!) ~ just get moving!  You’ll burn calories and warm up.  If going running, dress for success.image(12)

That’s all for now!  Off to bundle up and go get active in this snow!!!

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