Week TWO of our Living Fit Winter Challenge

We survived week one of our Living Fit Winter Challenge! Impressive work, keep it up!

Week one highlights…

  • We had almost 40 participants sign up and close to half of them already logged their week one points – awesome job and an exciting jump from our handful of participants last year!  Several [uhum, ladies!] scored over 200 points including Jen, Peggy, Amanda R, Joan, Leah, Christine and Teresa.
  • There were a wide variety of personal FIT goals including workout 4x per week, do 30 pushups per day, drink tea/water instead of coffee and wine, lose one+ pounds per week, keep a food journal, eat one+ servings of fruits and veggies per day… and more!  So many people met [and crushed] their goals!

Week two info…

  • We’ve separated sweets and adult beverages so you can now earn points for BOTH (or neither!)
  • DOUBLE POINTS challenge this week is 64 oz of water, so get in your daily allotment and you can  Camel-drinking-water earn 10 pts per day!  Read more about water in one of our previous blog posts… water, water, water.
  • BONUS CHALLENGE options for week 2 ~ CHOOSE TWO as its a 50 POINT MAXIMUM.
    1. Attend HARBOR YOGA or your favorite yoga studio (25 points)
    2. Get together with some FIT friends!  Join us for Book Club on Thurs, organize a group run or join us next Saturday for a group FIT session… anything where you’re sweating it out with a friend! Can’t count the yoga class from option 1 as both, must be two separate occasions 🙂  (25 points)
    3. Log MORE points than you did last week!  (25 points)

Other news ~ email us @ LivingFitColumbus@gmail.com for more info or to share ideas…

  • Its HARBOR YOGA week, try to get in a class!  A few are going Wed night to Angie’s 7PM class and a few more on Saturday morning. A FIVE CLASS PASS from Harbor is one of the LF winter challenge prizes, so keeping logging those points!  harbor-yoga-logo
  • We have our first Living Fit holiday gathering and FIT book club meeting this Thursday
  • We will be submitting a guest blog post to ClassPass the end of December.  If you have any feedback on our topic, “Training for a Half Marathon with friends ~ why we train together” please send it our way
  • We want to know what spring events you’re training for!
    • Scioto Miles Spring Training Series – Christine, Lan, Deedra, Peggy, Mahvish, Jen, Amanda R, Teresa  Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.37.51 PM
    • Mini Indy Half – Jen, Christine, Amanda R
    • Cap City – ?
  • Upcoming events include an Open House on Jan 4th for Fair Trade Yoga and [hopefully] a Barre event at Bend in late January.  More details to come!

GOOD LUCK WITH WEEK 2!  You can do this!

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