Shout Out // FORE! Miler 2015

[t gellenbeck]  IMG_1254

What a fun race!

I don’t normally take so many photos and don’t always do a post-race recap, but this one was special.  This was the first FORE miler inaugural event.  If you’ve been to Dublin, you know how important The Memorial is.

I grew up here and the tournament each year was a HUGE event!  Many of our parents would let us miss school to attend and one of my best friends lived on the course, hosting the best tournament weekend each and every year.  So I was excited that the annual golf event had added something I was actually decent at… anyone that knows me knows that I can’t golf!

The race was HOT, but other than that, it was awesome!

Here are some things we loved;

1.  The experience. As listed above, I have a personal love for the tournament and basically Dublin in general.  #DublinIsHome!  Winding through the streets of Muirfield was great.  Only in Dublin, will you see runners sporting full golf outfits and porta-potties with six-panel doors and hardwood floors.

IMG_1252 IMG_1266

2.  The swag!  The medals, tshirts, beverage ticket, practice round ticket… it was all great!


3.  Post-race PARTY!  It was a blast.  A band, beverages, the beauty of the course… awesome time!

IMG_1282 IMG_1286

4. Race Director, Mr Babner.  Not only is he the owner of M3S Sports, but he is also a Dublin resident!  He was out on the course, cheering people on and being awesome.  We interviewed him last year, check it out HERE.  Also loving photo-bombing guy in background…


5.  Friendships and photo-ops.  Okay, these can happen at every race, but the pictures are truly the most important part of any event.  What else do you have to remember it all by? And check out our custom Living Fit Columbus tanks by Bend Active ~ Run, Yoga, Repeat!

Overall ~ We had a great time, a great race [in spite of the heat, still finished around 36 minutes, just over a 9 min pace] and would love to make it an annual event.

See you at Emerald City!

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