Fears, thoughts and fitness goals of a 50 something year old…

Guest Blogger – Peggy Bohn

Right after I decided to go to Orangetheory Fitness Hilliard and join the 6 week Columbus Weight Loss Challenge I thought: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!  At almost 59 years old I’ve been in and out of shape [mostly out] for the last several months with a myriad of very lame excuses.  But with week three of the challenge in the books, I have recommitted to working out at 5 a.m., am seeing results and beginning to uncover that habit-forming love of physical activity I’ve been neglecting for a while.

A few weeks back, two of us from the Living Fit Columbus run crew, Jen Bondurant and myself, decided to take Kelly Rauch from OTF up on the challenge.  Jen goes to OTF Dublin (and so does Kelly) so the challenge has also included the friendly competition between the two fitness centers.

Kelly introduced me to Stephanie Young, owner of the Hilliard Orangetheory, and the games began!  I was really nervous at first, but Stephanie put me at ease from the beginning.  Explaining that I was competing with myself, not the others in the group, relieved much of my anxiety right from the start.  My fear turned to excitement as she explained the program and set me up with one of the new OT Link Wrist Options. She then took my weight and pictures (ugh!).


My fears of people looking at me and judging me or comparing themselves to me dissolved quickly during my first session.  NO ONE was looking at me, everyone is busy working their own program, paying attention to their heart rate, calories burned and points (one for each minute of training at 84% or higher of your maximum heart rate) on the overhead monitor.  We’re all busy listening to the coach, pushing ourselves and moving from one station to the next – not bothering to look at others.  It’s becoming more like a family experience.  I’m seeing some of the same people and getting to know the coaches.  I’ve been mixing it up by going before work, after work, on weekdays and weekends – whatever fits my schedule best.  Although I’m enjoying the variety, the 5 a.m. sessions leave me feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day!


We’re half way through the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge and I’m feeling lighter, more energetic and just plain happy!  My key goals are to increase my fitness level by increasing my strength and endurance and also to lose weight and feel better in my clothes.  After only three weeks, going at least three times per week, I am thrilled with the progress.  I’m also making better choices in my diet and squeezing in walks and yoga when possible. I’m not likely to win the weight loss challenge, but that wasn’t my goal in the first place.  One person in one of my sessions has already lost more than 30 lbs – hurray for him!!

I will definitely be continuing to attend OTF Hilliard at the conclusion of this program.  They’re a part of my fitness family and I look forward to getting to know them all better, as well as venturing down this path of a renewed love for exercise.

Peggy is one of our Living Fit run crew members and has been featured previously on our blog…  


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