Tour of Columbus // CorePower Yoga

Sunday Shoutout & Tour of Columbus – CorePower Yoga 

[by t gellenbeck and c loncaric]

We were excited to get an invite to the friends & family grand opening of CorePower Yoga in the new Easton Gateway location last Thursday night.  Some of our favorite yogis and studio owners around Columbus have practiced with and even been certified by CorePower and we welcomed the opportunity to check it out.    

The Media Tour:

Upon arrival, we saw lots of smiling faces and were greeted promptly by Elizabeth, the studio manager of the Short North location (also recently opened).  She showed us where to drop our gear, gave us a tour of the facility & introduced us to DeDee, the Easton location studio manager, who would lead the practice that night.  We met several other yoga instructors, sipped on the delicious Teavana winterberry green tea and of course, hit up the Shutterbooth.  We were SUPER thankful to get a goodie bag and felt a little like royalty…

Class/yoga practice:

Teresa didn’t stay for the heated class (blame her giant 38 week belly!), but Christine gave it a great review…

  • Energy – The energy of the studio was high and the class was PACKED! There were so many yogis eager to practice that they opened up their second studio to hold another class.
  • Instructors – Practice was lead by the studio manager, DeDee, and assisted by instructor Ashley. They were both full of pep and good vibes – all smiles and encouragement as they led us through a challenging class. There were also a good amount of other CPY staff in the room who were great examples for those new to the studio and their style of yoga.
  • Flow – Yoga Sculpt was AWESOME. It combined traditional power vinyasa with cardio and weight circuits – countless chataurangas and tons of squats and bicep curls. It was like yoga boot camp!  They had heated the room prior to class & I was dripping with sweat by the end. I will definitely be incorporating it into my fitness routine.  Although you can rent or buy both, make sure you have water and a good non-slip mat, the essentials of any hot yoga class!

For more details on CPY’s Yoga Sculpt class, check out their blog post, Yoga Sculpt:  What is it and am I ready?

CorePower Yoga-20


This was a first class experience!  The event was amazing, the class was hot & sweaty, the people were friendly and the facilities were top notch.  Although a bit pricier than some of the local studios we are accustomed to visiting, sometimes you get what you pay for.  The spa-like amenities including upscale locker room & option to shower (now you can practice HOT before or during work!), and the boutique-like retail section set it apart.  Also many packages include access to their 140+ nationwide locations, so you can visit a studio while you’re traveling.

Here are some up close pics of the event & facilities…

The retail section carries a variety of yoga brands & apparel 

CorePower Yoga-1CorePower Yoga-10CorePower Yoga-2CorePower Yoga-21

The check in area allows you to sign up, sign in and meet all the amazing staff!CorePower Yoga-19CorePower Yoga-17CorePower Yoga-9CorePower Yoga-8CorePower Yoga-18

The event was filled with great people & free samples from a variety of vendors…

CorePower Yoga-15CorePower Yoga-16CorePower Yoga-13CorePower Yoga-12CorePower Yoga-4CorePower Yoga-7

And the tour included showing off the pristine facilities, including two [heated] studios, and men & women’s locker rooms with full showers… 

CorePower Yoga-3CorePower Yoga-5CorePower Yoga-6CorePower Yoga-14

More info from CorePower:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 5.15.32 PM

CorePower Yoga roots an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga, helping students to change their bodies as well as their lives. Tess Roering, Chief Marketing Officer of CPY states, “We know the active Columbus community shares in our commitment to living stronger, both mentally and physically, and we can’t wait for them to experience the magic of CorePower Yoga.”  

Class information can be found on their site

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