Sunday Shoutout // Taste of Fitness & The Beauty Barre

“A day late and a dollar short” they say.  These images and this recap are long overdue, but better late than never!  We had a blast at the Taste of Fitness event a few weeks ago.  Rachel Kerr of The Beauty Boost organized this Cbus fit day and if you know her, you know she does FIT very well!  We have worked with Rachel on many events including our somewhat annual RUN+YOGA event and interviewed her a couple years ago for the blog     –> check that out HERE.  We just adore her!  These next two pics are from a Bend Active event a while back…

Rachel K-9Rachel K-10

The Taste of Fitness 2017 event was well planned and our only regret was not going a bit earlier.  Some fit enthusiasts were there for just a quick taste, while others were there for hours.  There were two components to it…

In one space, instructors from studios all over Columbus were leading 20 min “tastes” of their regular fitness routines.  Various yoga & HIIT workouts were common, including an arm balance session with Studio 543.   We got sweaty, saw lots of friends, met some new faces and of course, snapped a couple pictures.


In the other space, various fit-minded brands were set up, offering samples of whatever it was they offer.  Juices, clothing, massages, snacks, coffee… you name it and it was there!

There were tons of local brands in attendance, but some of our personal favorites included Thank Yoga, Zest & Native juices, Orange Theory Fitness & Bend Active.  On the way out, we chatted with the barista from The Roosevelt CoffeeHouse and learned a few tips about “acquiring a taste for drinking your coffee black.”  The Taste of Fitness event was crazy amazing and we hope Rachel brings it back each year!


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