Top Columbus Fitness Inspirations 2017

As a blogger, you look for inspiration around you.  What passions can you write about?  What people encourage and motivate you?  What places do you love to visit?   What fills you up?

Today I’d like to give a shout out to some local people that continue to inspire, motivate and support me.  Sometimes as a mother.  Sometimes as a yogi or runner.  Sometimes, just as a friend.  These people are amazing and deserve some recognition for their hard work and kind souls.

1.Erin Lombardo, Owner & Instructor @ V Power Yoga

I first got to know Erin as a yoga instructor & studio owner, but over the last two years, have grown to know her as a person & mentor.  Like me, she fell into yoga as a runner looking to cross-train, so her athletic style is exactly what I crave.  She utilizes a hands-on method (if you’re okay with it!) to correct & adjust your form.  She helps you make modifications and often incorporates “play” into her sessions, allowing time for inversions and arm balances, coaching you along the way.  She is ambitious in all facets of life, as a yogi, as an entrepreneur and as an aspiring PhD student.  Her positive vibe & encouraging teaching style make her one of my top five Cbus favs.


Erin Lombardo // V Power Yoga Studio Instructor & Owner // Photo credit Dwayne Ham

2. Rachel Kerr, Founder of The Beauty Boost

Rachel can be found all over the Cbus fitness scene.  She has taught yoga at countless studios and venues over the years (V Power, Melt, Mat Happy, Vue, Bend Active to name a few!) and founded her wellness blog, The Beauty Boost.  She plans fitness events, wellness/yoga retreats, teaches complimentary community classes, all with a smile on her face.  Rachel is so supportive of our running events and always willing to offer advice & giveaway gifts.  Read more about her on our Fitness Spotlight and be sure to track her down to attend one of her classes or events!

Rachel K-9

3. Dee Dee, Fitness Coach @ Orange Theory Fitness Dublin

Oh em gee.  This girl will make you WERK. She is one of the best group fitness coaches I’ve ever had and one of the main reasons I continue to go back to OTF.  Her high energy, positive attitude and hands-on coaching is inspiring and makes you want to work harder each time.  Not using proper form?  She’ll come tweak you.  Not using heavy enough weight?  She’ll come encourage you (or just hand you a higher one).  She treats us like family and makes a 55-60 minute workout seem fun (if you can believe that!)  She offers a wide variety of modifications and allows you to tailor each workout to your own personal fitness goals.  Oh, and her upbeat music, song choice & killer dance moves will fire you up!


4. Runners in our Living Fit Columbus crew

Over the years, there have been probably 20+ runners in our running crew.  Some come, some go, some stay for a long time.  We have run hundreds of miles together.  Laughed.  Cried.  Attended yoga and wellness and fitness events – some great, some not.  Taken massive amounts of pictures.  We have pushed each other to new limits.  We have been patient with one another through fatigue, tiredness, pregnancies, post-partum, injuries, over-planning, over-scheduling… the list goes on.

I am so thankful for all these girls.   They have taught me so much about running, but more about life and the art of “the balance.”  Balance between work & play.  Between kale & chocolate.  #Balance.  I love you all!


5. Peggy Bohn, LFC run crew… and my mom 🙂

I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for my mother.  Not only is she a wonderful teacher & role model and a loyal friend… she is one of my biggest fitness supporters.  Losing over 15 pounds during the OTF 2016 Weight Loss Challenge, she has recommitted to a life of fitness and focusing on being “strong not skinny.”  She attends all our group runs, watches her grandkids when I just need a night at yoga, pushes my littles in the jogging stroller if I need a break, buys me leggings when I’ve met a new fitness goal… and on and on!  Every person deserves a cheerleader like my mom!


Honorable mention:  I would be remiss to not mention my husband.  He pushes me out the door a few times per week to get to my workouts, entertains the kids, puts up with my tiredness (coffee please!) and helps alleviate my momma-guilt (I work full time & miss my kids all day, but still try to make time for running & fitness)!  He’ll likely never read this, but he’s a great guy & a wonderful dad/husband. 🙂

Who or what fills YOU up?  Take a moment today to let them know!

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