Race week prep – Cap City 2019

It’s race week! Well, now it’s like the middle of race week, time just gets away from you doesn’t it?! I woke up early this morning – like waaay before my alarm went off – with Cap City on my mind and wanted to check in with those of you running this weekend.

What are you doing this week to prepare?

Whether you are running for fun or going for a new PR, there isn’t much we can do for our actual training this late in the game, but we can still do three things that will help us show up start-line ready… Sleep, hydrate and rest. Start chanting it… sleep, hydrate, rest. And maybe get in a few easy runs to get the jitters out. 🙂 I personally am trying to get at least seven hours of sleep each night, drink ALL the water and rest my body (vs those grueling middle-of-training workouts).

Check out some of our previous posts…

We were also featured on channel 10 along with Rocky Fork Run Club at one of our recent group run+social events, check out that recap… “Cap City hopefuls look to community for running inspiration.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.03.07 AM


I’m personally not going for a PR… but my husband is! Some prefer to run with a pacer, but he likes to run on his own. Last year he was on track for a sub 8 min/mile pace, but his legs cramped a lot the last few miles, which really slowed him down at the end. He still finished with a 1:47, an impressive 8+ minute PR from his first half, The Flying Pig, back in 2011. This year he’s got some new strategies (including more hydration, fuel and salt tablets), trained smarter and is hoping to break a 1:45. Wish him luck!

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 6.52.29 AM.png

Joey has trained much better this cycle and is RACE READY for his third half! 

What are your race day goals? Do you have more than one? If you have a finish time goal, use something like Cap City’s pacing chart or Runner’s World Pace Your Race charts…

Finish Time Estimator

Image result for half marathon pace chart

Be sure to allow time race morning to get down there, gear check (I like to pack a warm layer so I can enjoy the post-race party even if it’s chilly), warm up/stretch, potty, take photos (duh!) and get to your corral by at least 7:40. Visit Cap City’s website for all the last minute event details.

We have done speed work at RISE, Shred and OTF.

We’ve lengthened and strengthened at Barre3 and Harbor.

We’ve grinded out long run after long run.

We are ready.

See you soon Columbus! You’ve got this!


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