FIT-spiration [10 facts about Christine!]

FITspirationLiving Fit [Columbus] run crew member highlight – Christine Loncaric    Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.17.38 PM

Expertise: Christine was active while growing up (dance and cheerleading mostly), and after graduating college, bounced between cardio machines, free weights, and some group fit classes.  She found a passion for personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle a few years ago, which grew even deeper after becoming a mom in 2013.  Though she would previously not have considered herself a runner, she challenged herself to run The Nationwide Children’s Hospital 1/2 Marathon in 2014. After registering [and slightly panicking] she found the Living Fit Columbus group shortly after, and hasn’t stopped running since!  She has since completed two half marathons, is signed up for the fall Columbus half again this year, plus many other races. Along with running, she has fallen in love with yoga as a way to cross train and build both mental and physical strength.

Ten FIT facts about Christine   

  • What is your motivation for LIVING FIT? “I have always had an awareness of fitness and the need for a Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.18.01 PMhealthy lifestyle, but found a new dedication once I had a child in 2013. Not only do I want to be a good example for my daughter, but I have realized how important it is to have a healthy outlet for myself. I am a better wife, mom, friend and co-worker when I am taking care of myself, and for me that means solid work outs and a balanced diet.”
  • What does your diet look like?  “It’s all about balance for me! I honestly love healthy foods – lean proteins, greens, healthy grains, fruits and veggies — and these things make up a large marjority of what I eat on a daily basis. But, I am also not afraid to indulge and treat myself too! My absolute favorite foods to eat are big salads, pizza, greek yogurt & berries, sweet potatoes, bananas & chicken wings. Nice mix, right!?? And add a glass of bubbly and I am 100% happy! I know food is fuel for my body and try to use it as such, but life’s too short to beat yourself up for treats [pizza, chicken wings, whatever!] here and there.”
  • What does your typical exercise routine look like? “I run about 3x a week, and incorporate a combo of yoga, boot camp classes or HIIT workouts throughout the week as well. My goal is to sweat 6 days a week!”
Some of Christine’s Favorite Things… 
  • FIT place around Columbus: The running trails in Dublin & the many yoga studios around town — current favorites are Harbor Yoga and V Power Yoga.
  • Healthy Meal/Food/Recipe: I always start my day with a big & healthy breakfast (and coffee of course!). My two favorite weekday breakfasts are: greek yogurt topped with chia seeds, fresh (or frozen) berries, chopped up banana, raw oats, and a sprinkle of sweetened granola; OR scrambled eggs with bell peppers, roasted sweet potatoes, topped with salsa and an avocado (if in season).
  • Race Distance: This is always changing for me. Half marathon for the sense of accomplishment after   Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.17.09 PMmonths of training. But I love 5Ks and the challenge of keeping up speed for 5 milers or 10Ks
  • Yoga Pose: I love doing a series 5 or so basic sun salutations to center my mind and get my blood flowing. My current goals are to keep working on improving my crow pose, and to be able to do headstand away from the wall.
  • Pump up music: I love a good pop song with a strong beat while running — I use the Women’s Running Magazine playlists on Spotify and love them!
  • Favorite Workout gear: For running I love my Under Armour Women’s UA HeatGear Armour Sports Bra; Lululemon Speed Tights; and Spibelt to hold my phone when I’m running alone or fuel when on long runs. For yoga I need my Under Armour headbands and prefer Lululemon Wunder Under pants. I also love my Bend Active Columbus pants and LFC tank to wear around town!
Any words of wisdom or advice for those looking to get [or stay] FIT? “A truly healthy lifestyle didn’t stick for me until I let go of the idea that I should work out and eat less so I could achieve a goal weight. Now, I acknowledge my body for all the things it does for me — it carried a beautiful baby when doctors weren’t sure it would; it allows me to explore the world around me on foot as I run; it gives me energy and focus to do well at work so I can provide for my family; it allows me to hold plank a little longer, run a little faster so I can PR at a race, do a stronger, more controlled chaturanga during yoga, which help make my heart and muscles stronger. I acknowledge that I am lucky that, for me, this lifestyle means I accept my body AND I also now fit into a smaller size of clothing than I did a few years ago. But acceptance and appearance truly came after this became a lifestyle and not about holding myself to a regimen of consuming and burning specific calorie counts. Every body is different, and I love the lightness that has come with accepting mine for all it does and all I know it can do.”
More fun facts [that humble Christine would never say about herself!] 
  • She is one of our strongest [speediest!] runners and will often be the leader of our pack, even while pushing her little gal, Marj!
  • She helped create the Living Fit Columbus IG account & takes great fitness photos. 🙂
  • She PRd in her second half marathon, crushing her goal of breaking two hours.
  • She is one of the kindest, most humble, compassionate people you will ever meet!  So glad she found LFC!

    Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.45.19 PM

If that doesn’t leave you feeling inspired, nothing will!  Go get healthy!  🙂
Thanks for your time, C!

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