But first… COFFEE! Reasons we love it

Our running group tends to migrate towards coffee shops.  Many of our runs start and end at one and we’ve scouted out several around Cbus.  Here are some reasons why we love this little black drink.

1. Give yourself a boost.  Of course, the most common reason many love coffee is the caffeine.  Although you could order a decaf or hot cocoa, some prefer to be hooked directly to a caffeine drip.  It can help you be more alert, attentive and some would even say, power your workout or run.  Even some running fuel (Gu, beans, etc) often has caffeine in it!

2. It just tastes so good [and looks pretty]!  Whether you take it black or have a special sugar-laden order, every one has a favorite that pleases their own taste buds.  I’ll take a grande half-caff non-fat two pump caramel latte please!  Or sometimes get crazy and mix it up with soy or almond milk, pending the venue and my current mood.  The only place I’ve found that I can drink a black coffee is Mezzo in Dublin – they have a high quality bean, use a french press and don’t make it too terribly strong.  The warmth and aroma after a long, cold run is super enjoyable too!

3. Social gatherings.  Sure, you could meet up at a bar [or a barre] but we prefer to meet and chat at a coffee shop.  Our favorite is Winans of Dublin, but we love to get out and try new ones too!

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 1.37.10 PM

At our local Winans Dublin, prior to our Independence Day 5K

4. Experience Columbus.  We love trying new places.  And of course finding good spots to take Instagram pics!  I mean, why NOT stopdropandyoga in a coffee shop!?  We’ve checked out a lot of local coffee shops in our Tour of Columbus and continue to check out more!

We recently discovered that Columbus Food Adventures does a Coffee Tour and The Columbus Coffee Experience promotes a Columbus Coffee Trail challenge.  Hope to participate in both!

5. Health Benefits. I’m no doctor or scientist, but I often believe what I read from credible sources!  Here are some common beliefs of benefits…

  • May help burn fat
  • Pre workout – can boost exercise performance
  • Post workout – can reduce exercise-induced muscle pain
  • May battle risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Source of antioxidants which help fight diseases

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.14.17 PM

Well, that’s it!  Go get a cup of joe, snap a pic and share it on Instagram!

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