Interval training

Weekly Workout ~ Interval Training

Interval Training

Cross training and interval training are good for overall fitness, can assist in fat-burning and help mixup your workouts (keep it fresh!).  This interval workout can be done at home without any equipment other than a treadmill.  If you don’t have access to a treadmill, you can modify to do 10 minutes of cardio (climb your stairs, or do another type of machine i.e. elliptical, bicycle, etc).  Or once it warms up, your run could be done outside ~ just pick up your speed in the middle of the mile jog.  If you have weights, you can incorporate them in as suggested.

If you’re training for the half, this would be a great workout for your cross-training days!

Interval Training Wkt 1

Get those heart rates up, build some muscle and get FIT!   


Note:  In future posts we will highlight various types of interval training including CrossFit, Speed work (fartleks, tempo runs, interval runs), HIIT, Tabata and more!

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