Vinyasa yoga

Yoga… so how many calories, anyhow?

Exercise isn’t just about burning calories, there are all the other benefits… stress relief, cardiovascular & heart health, etc, etc.  BUT we all like the calorie burn too (or some of us may not do it!)

I’ve been using My Fitness Pal lately to try and shred the last 5-10 pounds and rekindle my pre-baby self.   The calorie tracker only gives you 170 calories for 60 minutes of Hatha yoga.  170 calories in 60 min!?  You burn more than that walking for an hour!

So I did some internet investigating.  Hatha is a low impact, more basic form of yoga.  [Hot] Vinyasa yoga, the kind I’ve been doing at Harbor, gives you much more of a burn.  Phew!

To read more, visit Fit Sugar’s article, LEARN YOUR BURN ~ while you’re there, check out REASONS YOU SHOULD TRY VINYASA YOGA.  It is a great workout and my new favorite cross-training activity.

Baby yoga-11

See you on the mat!