Its a new year, make it a FIT one!

Welcome!  This blog is beginning for several reasons…

  • I have a passion for running, fitness and staying in shape.  After the birth of my son (he’s now 11 months), a lack of sleep and overall motivation kept me from hitting the trail often.  He is coming up on a year now and its time this momma got back on the run!
  • I teach.  I coach.  I have a passion for inspiring others.  If this blog is read by someone every now and then, and it helps motivate them to get FIT, then it will have served a higher purpose!
  • I LOVE being social.  If I can talk to, meet, work out with, or interview others during the process of creating this blog, then I will be one happy momma!
  • I’ve always been a writer at heart.  Had a diary when I was 8.  Had journals all through high school and college.  And now, I’ll have a blog.  I majored in Marketing at THE Ohio State University, took lots of Communications classes and now teach high school students the fabulous subject of business.  In fact, they will be creating blogs soon for a class project, and maybe they will fall in love with writing too!

Hope you find a little piece of inspiration while reading about my fitness journey.  Maybe it will be to run.  Maybe it will be to blog.  Either way, get moving!


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