Fitness Spotlight [Laura Santagata]

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Expertise:  Laura is a teacher, personal trainer, performance nutrition specialist, run coach and founder of Laura’s Bootcamp ~ whew!  Read about Laura’s Bootcamp featured in our Tour of Columbus section.

What are your proudest fitness accomplishments?

I have helped clients with fat loss, building lean muscle mass, improving endurance, training & running marathons, enhance their current sport, improve self-esteem & overall happiness in daily life. My goal is to continue doing what I love: helping people find their true passion & true selves.

Too humble to list her own accomplishments, I will add that she has been featured in Shape Magazine Success Stories and is a Boston Marathon finisher!  

Motivation for LIVING FIT:  There is nothing more important than my health.  The healthier & happier I am, the better trainer, mom, teacher, mentor I am for others.

Favorite healthy food:  Salmon salad

Favorite FIT place around Columbus:  Loves going to any outdoor park, especially Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park in Dublin. Laura’s Bootcamp takes on a ‘primal playground’ role in warmer months as she uses nature to get in a workout… using rocks as weights, using trees and logs as obstacles to do box jumps, push ups, etc!

Favorite workout:  MetCon (if you’re like me and didn’t know what that meant, click HERE to read an article on MetCon!)

Fitness role model:  Mark Sisson

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