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Each month we will feature a FITNESS SPOTLIGHT ~ an interview or workout with a fitness expert in and around Columbus!

FIT-spiration // 10 facts about Agnes!


Columbus Fitness Enthusiast – Agnes I.

Agnes, a native Nigerian, is a fitness blogger living and working in Columbus, Ohio. Before moving to Columbus, she lived in Chicago, Illinois for 3 years. In June 2014, she began documenting her training journey for the Chicago Marathon, her first. For that marathon, she was invited to train exclusively with Nike Chicago.

As a former Yoga Sculpt instructor at CorePowerYoga, she enjoys maintaining a healthy body even in a heated yoga studio. Running has always been a part of her life.  In high school, she was on the track and field team and performed as a top sprinter.  In 2014, she ventured into the world of long distance runningAgnes believes that exercising, eating a balanced diet & maintaining a healthy body & mind are keys to a successful life.

Once intimidated about crossing the finish line of a marathon (26.2 miles), she now lives for the moments when others say to her: “Agnes, thank you for inspiring me to start my fitness journey.”  She has run 5ks to marathons in different cities across the United States. Her first international race was in Hefei, China in October 2015 where she was chosen to represent Columbus as a Columbus Athlete Ambassador. Outside of running, she trains with Nike+ training club, is a proud supporter of Charity: Water, and enjoys attending church.  She also actively promotes fitness on her social media outlets ~ give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram @AggieRuns! 


What is your motivation for LIVING FIT?
“If you don’t take care of yourself, where are you going to live?” I don’t recall who wrote this quote, but I think it rings true for all of us. If we don’t exercise and eat healthy then our bodies will break down. Fitness is important to me because it is a way of life. I enjoy moving my body because it makes me feel happy and gives me a sense of freedom. My earliest memories of running are from when I lived in Ibadan, Nigeria. I remember running through sugar cane fields outside my parent’s flat (house) and having so much fun with my friends and siblings. As I grew up, I became interested in sports in school.

Favorite FIT memory or accomplishment?

  • Running my first marathon in Chicago in October 2014
  • Being one of the 48 people chosen for the Nike Chicago #GetOutHere challenge in December 2015

A few of Agnes’s favorite things…

  • FIT place around Columbus:  Columbus Commons Park
  • Workout routine:  Nike+ Training Club workouts (via the free NTC app)
  • Race distance(s):  5k races
  • Healthy food/meal:  Sweet Potatoes and Salmon
  • Yoga pose:  Warrior II because I feel strong and energized in that pose

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I took piano lessons when I was younger and I would love to start playing the piano again. I love music and I was in the Gospel Choir at The Ohio State University when I was a student.

We meet up for post-run coffee quite a bit!  When going to a coffee shop, what is your go-to order?   I order tea and a sweet pastry or cookie.

How did you find Living Fit Columbus?
I found the @LivingFitColumbus Instagram account, then met up with them for a class at The Butcher Shop.  


Thanks for your time and sharing a little bit about yourself Agnes!  We look forward to hearing your results in 2017 on your upcoming races, including the Choo Choo 9 Miler, the Berkshire Triathalon and the Seattle Rock Run N Roll Half Marathon.  Hope to see you on the trails!

FIT-SPIRATION // 10 Facts About Peggy!


Living Fit [Columbus] run crew member highlight – Peggy Bohn

Peggy is Teresa’s mother & basically a stand in mom for all the girls in our running img_2532group!  With bachelor’s degrees in both nutrition and chemistry, she knows a lot about health and the science behind it.  She enjoys cooking healthy meals, meeting new fit-minded people and chasing around her grandkids.

As a side note, I [Teresa] am extremely inspired by my mom’s commitment to fitness & health.  She is a great example to myself and all those around her that hard work pays off.  I hope to be just like her when I grow up! 🙂

Ten FIT facts about Peggy   

What is your inspiration for Living Fit? 

Aging gracefully, being in good ‘heart’ health and keeping up with my grandchildren!  

What is your diet like?

Clean eating!  I love shopping at Whole Foods & Fresh Thyme, buying primarily organic items.  I aim for mostly vegetables, with a mix of lean proteins, berries, smoothies, nuts and the occasional treat.  One of my mother’s mottos was “Life’s uncertain, eat dessert first!”  I remind myself of this when searching for a chocolate delight. 🙂 

Some of Peggy’s favorite things…

Favorite way to sweat:  OTF.  I’m an addicted member at Orange Theory Fitness, Hilliard and go there 3-5 times per week.  I also attend most of the Living Fit Columbus group runs and activities through out the year.   I prefer walking over running and enjoy power & vinyasa yoga. fullsizerender

Favorite FIT places around Columbus:    

  • OTF!
  • Dublin Rd trail, where our Living Fit group runs
  • Harbor Yoga (whew, its HOT!) 
  • Mat Happy 

Cheat treat:  chocolate, although I often search for some with nuts to lower the glycemic index 

Cheat meal:  pizza  

Race distance:  Two feet. Ha!!  Although I enjoy walking and often make myself jog to get into the ‘orange zone’ I do not really enjoy distance races.  My daughter and I have done a few destination half marathons, but that is the longest distance I’ll ever train for.  If I had to choose, I’d definitely say a 5K.  

Workout gear of choice:  Bend Active

FIT goals:

  • Maintain my weight.  Finally under 130, thanks to clean eating, Living Fit gals and OTF! 
  • Stay healthy & active to keep up with my grandchildren; JP 3.5 years & Maddie Jane 10 months.

Overall Mantra:  For me, its a challenge to stay fit.  Its not easy.  Its hard work!  But if I want to be healthy and maintain my weight, I have to work for it.  My mother had a magnet on her fridge that read, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” 

How do you take your coffee?  Black usually.  But only to be healthy.  I’d prefer cream! 

Thanks Peggy!  Or should I say, Mom!

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What can YOU do in 6 weeks?

That is the question for two of our Living Fit Run Club regulars, who are participating in Orangetheory Fitness Columbus’ 6-week Weight Loss Challenge, starting today.  For both Peggy and Jennifer, motivation has been lacking lately (more on that to come), so this challenge seemed like the perfect way to jump start the new year toward their personal FIT goals.

The challenge itself is pretty simple: you must attend at least 3 sessions per week at your Orangetheory home studio and weigh-in at the studio both at the beginning and at the end of the challenge.  You cannot attend more than one OTF session per day, but you are free to engage in other exercise.  The Grand Prize is $1,000, and a male and female prize of $250 for each Columbus studio (Dublin, Hilliard and New Albany).

Let’s meet our runners & recap their goals… 

Get to know Jennifer:

Jennifer and her husband Andre live in Dublin with their two children, Cole (5) and Claire (3).  She is a Columbus native and works at the Ohio Supreme Court as an attorney with Disciplinary Counsel.  When Jennifer is not working or trying to keep up with her kids’ activities, she loves all things outdoors.  Jennifer has been an OTF Dublin regular since her first visit in August 2014; however, for the last six months she has not been attending sessions as much as she would like.  Jennifer’s 2016 FIT goals include 3 duathlons this summer and the Detroit International Half Marathon in October.

Jennifer’s FIT goals:

  • Partipate in OTF Dublin’s 6-week Weight Loss Challenge
  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Get back into a regular FIT routine that includes healthy food choices, OTF, hot yoga and running


Jennifer (on right) enjoys running, yoga, biking and various other fit activities


Get to know Peggy:

Peggy is an almost 59 yr old mother and grandmother.  Her daughter, Teresa Gellenbeck, encouraged her to become a member of the Living Fit Run Club and also introduced her to Orangetheory.  She has attended OTF Dublin twice previously and enjoyed the crazy, challenging workouts.  After becoming too sedentary over the past several months, Peggy has joined the OTF challenge and will be attending sessions at least 3 times per week, eating clean, giving up alcohol and preparing for whatever run/walks in which Living Fit may be participating.

We’ve featured Peggy previously in a post, Featured Success Stories – Fitness After 50.

Peggy’s FIT goals:

  • Participate in OTF Hilliard’s 6-week Weight Loss Challenge
  • Lose 12 pounds
  • Firm and tone (especially my saddlebags!) to feel & look better
  • Regain and maintain the Living Fit lifestyle


Peggy enjoys run/walking, light weight lifting & exercising for a cause!  Pictured here, she completed the Cap City Half wearing this Pack H20 backpack.  

Peggy and Jennifer will check in with us on their OTF Challenge journey, so stay tuned.  We will be blogging, posting updates on social media & sharing their before and after photos [at the conclusion of the challenge].

Good luck ladies!

Want to learn more about OTF? Check out this article from The New York Times about what makes the Orangetheory workout so unique:

OTF challege


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.36.21 AM

I met up with Amy Crandall last week for a cup o’ Joe at our local Winans coffee shop.  She truly inspires me on so many levels and is an uh-mazing person!  Fit.  Positive.  Real.  Absolutely beautiful. And one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Not to mention that she blogs, does photography and drinks coffee.  She is pretty much my soul mate!

Expertise [Bio]:  Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.44.28 AM

Although her degree and post-college experience was in photography, Amy is now typically on the other side of the camera.  She has done modeling for numerous companies, many local, including Bend Active, Thread, Capital Style, Bohindi, The Blowout Bar and more.  Her modeling career happened very organically as her positive attitude & open [creative] mind showed her the various facets that life has to offer.

Looking and feeling good doesn’t just happen, she works for it!  Amy has earned several fitness certifications including yoga, personal training and pilates.   She is a personal trainer and class instructor at PEAK Human Performance in Dublin as well as the creator of a fitness website and blog, Active Body, Creative Mind.  She is excited to soon be launching an online personal training component to Active Body, Creative Mind. The training  will pilot as a complimentary two week shape up plan that will include nutrition, training and well-being advice.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.46.17 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.47.45 AM

Amy was an open book during our chat, sharing many of her fitness tips and routines…

Motivation for Living Fit?

“Aging gracefully!”  Amy has clients in their 70s that still exercise, proof that taking care of yourself will help you remain youthful & healthy.  Fitness allows you to feel good, confident, peaceful, happy.  The more surface level accomplishments [for instance, body & physique]  will follow!

Best fitness accomplishment?

Her team just finished leading the first 8 week challenge at PEAK.  The two month journey not only connected people, it also helped them achieve and notice results ~ emotional, physical & mental ~ from weight loss to cultivating healthy habits.

Typical workout routine?  

“I love to lift weights – it will transform your body!”  Amy lifts twice a week, doing a whole body routine and jumping rope between sets.  This serves as her cardio [although I’ll keep trying to get her to join us for a group run sometime]!  She also does pilates once per week and tries to squeeze in a yoga session when she can.

Amy leads an extremely active lifestyle and in addition to her workouts,  enjoys hiking, walking and acroyoga. Dates with her main squeeze often include a workout, such as spending Valentine’s Day at The Butcher Shop in German Village and their recent trip to SnowShoe for Wanderlust.

Oh, and she foam rolls & stretches.  Every day.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.57.57 AM

Typical Diet or Nutrition Plan?

Amy is a creature of habit & has similar foods at each meal.  A sample day may look something like this…

  • Breakfast – Ezekial bread, almond butter, banana, apple, chia seeds [healthy fat & good for runners]
  • Lunch – two scrambled eggs & lots of veggies, cooked with coconut oil
  • Dinner – Protein [chicken, ground turkey] veggies, healthy fat or carb
  • She also typically eats ½ avocado per day to get her healthy fat and limits dairy

Some of Amy’s favorite things…

  • Favorite FIT place around Columbus:  Peak Human Performance!  

Known for their athletic performance enhancement, she loves [and teaches] the Fitmix class & Pilates.  PEAK provides “Smart Training” – an assessment of what your body really needs.

  • Favorite cheat food:  TimTam Australian cookie with tea and other treats; allows herself to indulge now and then!
  • Coffee drink:  French pressed coffee with cream and raw sugar.  Her daily dose of half & half is about the only dairy she really consumes!

Any advice for others on their journey to get or stay FIT?  “Create healthy habits.  Be patient with yourself, and allow the time your body needs to adjust.”

Was blessed to have spent some coffee time with this amazing lady.  Can’t wait to see her out on the fitness scene in Cbus!

Sunday Shoutout, FIT Spotlight & Tour of Columbus [Rachel Kerr]

We have been lucky enough to meet up with Rachel Kerr several times in the last couple of months.  We first met over coffee and have since collaborated on some fun fitness projects.

A little bit about Rachel…     Rachel K-11-2

Rachel grew up in West Virginia and has lived in Columbus for the last ten years.  She’s spent years working in marketing & events, yet recently realized she’d be much happier working in her yoga pants!  Rachel followed her passion and sought out to complete her 200 hour YTT certification, while planning The Beauty Barre, a space for women to be empowered.  Her BB site has plenty of goodies for the fitness lover including healthy recipes, powerful workouts, killer retreats and a daily dose of happiness.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.22.04 PM

When she isn’t planning events or teaching yoga classes, Rachel spends time with family & friends.  She loves all things healthy, including yoga, barre, hiking, biking, boating and anything involving the outdoors.  We keep hoping she’ll join us for a run sometime!

As of this interview, she is busy teaching at VUE Columbus, V Power Yoga, Bend Active, System of Strength and Fair Trade Yoga Studios.

Rachel K-12


We’ve been touring Columbus to visit Rachel at various locations.  Our first class with her was a hot Vinyasa Power Flow at VUE Columbus.  It was a beautiful venue and surprisingly, heated right up, even in the middle of winter.  We enjoyed her 60 minute flow and all [of course] headed for coffee after.







Our latest collaboration was a RUN + YOGA event at Bend Active. The runners met at Bend for a 3.1 mile loop around Upper Arlington – check out our route HERE.



After the run, Rachel led us in a 30 minute YOGA FOR RUNNERS class, focusing on stretching, hip openers and specific poses & sequences great for runners looking to cross-train, gain flexibility and/or prevent injury.  Check out our previous post on Running, Yoga & Hips and check out our flow below!

Rachel K-1

Rachel K-2


Rachel K-4

Rachel K-5

Rachel K-7

Rachel K-10


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.59.33 PM

We did a little Q & A with Rachel on all things FIT.  Here is what she had to say…

What is your motivation for LIVING FIT?

I want to feel good and live life to the full potential. It’s hard to do that when you feel sluggish, mentally unhealthy, or just unhappy in your skin.

What does your daily diet look like?

I eat ALOT. A past roommate once told me it’s funny how much I eat. Due to that I try to eat pretty healthy, but I don’t prohibit myself from anything. I typically have a protein shake and coffee in the morning, mid morning snack of apple and peanut butter, salad with pita for lunch, mid evening snack of randomness and dinner to include veggies, fish and some type of potato. I believe red wine and chocolate should definitely be included in the food pyramid.

We definitely agree!

What are your favorite ways to sweat?   

Power Vinyasa Yoga or some type of boot camp class. It’s really hard for me to workout alone so I love the energy and atmosphere a class and instructor bring.

We are big on meeting for coffee after runs.  What is your go-to coffee shop beverage?

I’m pretty plain jane…I just love good old fashioned coffee.

Some of your favorite FIT things?

  • FIT place around Columbus:  System of Strength & Native Cold Pressed
  • Healthy eat(s): Chocolate Banana Protein Shake ~ chocolate powder, organic peanut butter, almond milk, banana, ice
  • Inspirational mantra: Live the life you’d be envious of if you saw someone else living it

Tell us more about The Beauty Barre!  

It’s a space for women to come to be empowered, healthy and beautiful. We do this through awesome workouts, restorative retreats, accountability partners, health and life coaching while surrounding you with a community of inspiring and like-minded women.

Any words of wisdom for others who want to begin or continue a FIT lifestyle?

Just start somewhere; you don’t have to wake up at 5am with a green juice or be able to run a marathon. Healthy looks different for everyone.

Anything else you would want us to know?

I love traveling [Guatemala and Aruba recently] and exploring new adventures!

Rachel K-8

We have really enjoyed getting to know Rachel and look forward to many future fitness encounters. 

Most photos taken by Living Fit Columbus.  Other photo and info credits to The Beauty Barre.

Sunday Shoutout & Fitness Spotlight [Rachel Wilson, barre-OM]

Fit Spotlight title

I met up with Rachel last week for coffee (well, I got coffee, she got a smoothie) and got to talk to her  Wilson-12-(ZF-2689-65626-1-011)about yoga, barre and all things sweaty! I loved how friendly and down to earth she was. She had me laughing during the entire interview and I’m excited to take one of her upcoming classes.  Here is a glimpse at Rachel Wilson, founder of the barre-OM method.

Expertise:  Rachel moved to Columbus in 2013 and hit the ground running on the fitness scene.  We could impress you with a list of accolades she has accomplished during her ‘day jobs’  ~  teaching, law, volunteerism ~ but we’ll keep her accomplishments fitness related since this is a fitness blog!  You can read more about Rachel’s notable law & teaching background HERE.

Although Rachel is highly accomplished in many fields, her passion and calling is health & wellness. She holds many fitness certifications including Lagree Fitness, Indoor Cycling [Schwinn] and a Yoga Certification [Yoga Alliance, RYT 200].  She was also originally certified through B. Fit Barre in DC, and has now become the founder of her own method, barre-OM [keep reading for more info!].  She teaches at several boutique fitness studios around Columbus including PAI Yoga & Fitness, The Butcher Shop Fitness, Grow Yoga, Replenish:  the spa co-op and one of our local favorites, the apparel store, Bend Active.  Grow Yoga states, “Rachel strives to make her vinyasa classes challenging, playful, and inspiring, with the ultimate hope that everyone leaves her classes with a smile.”  You can visit her full bio on Grow Yoga’s website HERE.

Q & A’s with Rachel

Why do you live a FIT life?

I come from a family of athletes and coaches who love sports and I grew up playing volleyball, basketball and running track.  I played Division I basketball at the University of Pennsylvania and over time, injuries led me to pursue lower impact fitness options.  Exercise allows me to feel like myself; peaceful, strong, healthy, and happy.  I feel like I’m my best self when I’m doing yoga – its my moving meditation.

What’s your diet/fuel look like?

High protein, low carb. I love green smoothies & raw juices (has own juicer at home).

Why did you want to become a fitness instructor?

After falling in love with barre during law school, I wanted to become an instructor for several reasons.  My body changed significantly after taking barre regularly for several months and I want other people to see that they too can change their bodies in significant part by adding barre fitness to their routines.  I want women to realize that you can be strong and fit, even though you may not necessarily be a size 2. I also yearn to share my love of barre and fitness generally with people of all shapes, ages, races, fitness levels, cultures and experiences.   I hope to add greater diversity to the barre and yoga communities in Columbus, Ohio, and elsewhere as well.

Also, there is no greater feeling than witnessing a client having a breakthrough.  There are moments in class when I can see clients mentally deciding whether they will give up or if they will keep fighting to stay in the position, to allow their legs to tremble uncontrollably, and to endure the burning sensation they are feeling during what some might call “controlled muscle failure.”  Every single time that a client makes a decision to fight, to continue to push themselves, it is awe-inspiring, humbling, and motivating.  I want clients to realize that if they can be comfortable being uncomfortable in barre class, they can endure and thrive in challenging situations in everyday life as well.


Tell me about barre-OM?  I’ve heard great things, what’s all the buzz about?

Barre-OM is a fusion of my two passions – yoga and barre.  Its unique in several ways;

  1. Yoga inspired. Barre-OM gives you lots of traditional barre exercises which consist of small isometric movements, but also combines other techniques and benefits that yogis love.
  2. Offers modifications for all skill levels, injuries, pregnancy, etc. Everyone’s body is different & barre-OM allows them to practice safely and effectively.
  3. Anatomical explanations provided.  People deserve to know how each movement is benefiting their body!
  4. Class is challenging, but fun.  You’ll get in a great workout and leave sweaty & happy!
  5. Sense of community. I enjoy getting to know clients and helping them connect with each other.

I teach barre-OM myself, as well as license it to various yoga studios (currently offered at PAI Dublin, PAI Gahanna (soon), Replenish, Bend Active and Detroit Barre).

Rachel barre

Some of Rachel’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite ways to sweat: Vinyasa & Bikram [yoga], Lagree, Barre, Spinning
  • Favorite yoga pose:  Half moon – strength, balance, focus, openness
  • Favorite FIT place(s) around Columbus: Grow, PAI, Butcher Shop, Cycle 614, Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus, Replenish: the spa co-op
  • Favorite cheat meal: any kind of pasta
  • Favorite music – Beyonce. Period.

Anything else we should know about you?

I LOVE watching the NFL! My cousin is the QB for the Seahawks, so of course, that’s my team!

Can’t wait to try a class!  Where can we find you?

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.26.13 PM

Rachel lives near downtown Columbus and recently got engaged.  I look forward to taking her classes, sweatin’ it out to some Beyonce and hearing about the wedding plans!  


Photos courtesy of Rachel Wilson

Fitness Spotlight [Caren Leslie]

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 12.07.33 PM

Expertise:  Caren Leslie is a NSCA certified personal trainer, fitness coach, Advocare distributor and health enthusiast. Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 5.04.06 PMAfter working for the City of Dublin for a few years, she then branched out and began her own personal training business while also coaching for the Dublin Coffman High School girl’s field hockey team. She has recently become a trainer at the new Shred 415 Sawmill here in Dublin and enjoys inspiring people of all ages to live a fit and active lifestyle!

Motivation for LIVING FIT:  Caren struggled with her weight and various related medical issues after college. She was eventually diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and was then able to use that knowledge to make healthier choices and drop over 50 pounds. Caren enjoys working in a field where health is valued and she can be a positive example to her clients, student-athletes,  children and loyal Shredders. She embraced turning 40 in 2014 and got in better shape than she had ever been!

Diet: As an Advocare distributor, Caren believes in eating a diet high in protein and vegetables with a fair amount of complex carbohydrates. She also makes sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, Spark and Rehydrate, two Advocare products she swears by.  She attributes a lot of her results, the way her body looks and performs, as well as her energy levels (gotta keep up with her young children!) to her clean diet and Advocare supplements.

Exercise:  Caren’s typical workout routine consists of running and strength training. She runs several times a week and does low reps of heavy weights when lifting to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. After an intense workout, she typically recovers with a post-workout Recovery shake, Catalyst and Rehydrate.

Some of Caren’s FAVORITE things…    

  • FIT place around Columbus:  Although she used to frequent and train at Zone Personal Fitness in Powell, she has recently converted to Shred 415 in Dublin. She also enjoys the running trails in her Caren - Interview-2 copybneighborhood… although her daughter is too big now, Caren used to do many stroller runs ~ extra resistance and a workout companion!
  • Healthy meal/food – Salmon and veggies with hummus
  • Cheat meal – pizza!
  • Race distance – 5K
  • Cross training activity – group exercise class (Shred, duh!) or solo session with a personal trainer

Caren lives in Dublin with her husband and two little ones.  She is truly an inspiration for being a working mom that still makes time to live an active, FIT lifestyle.

{Originally published August 2014, updated July 2019}




Fitness Spotlight [David Babner]


Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 4.54.39 PM


David Babner is a Dublin resident and enjoys running, fitness, wellness and giving back to the community.  A former Babner profileattorney, he is now popularly known as the Race Director of the upcoming Capital City Half Marathon, as well as several other signature race events.  In 2002 he founded M3S Sports, a Columbus based race management company.  David, along with his M3S crew, played a significant role in the transformation of the Columbus running industry, helping make it a lifestyle available to all, in contrast to the previous days of just elite athletes and competitive sporting events.

Some of David’s other FIT accolades include…

  • Helped pioneer the 4 mile race distance, which is growing in popularity around Columbus
  • Appointed to the Greater Columbus Sports Commission’s Board of Commissioners, 2012
  • Nominated for National Race Director of the Year, Road Race Management, 2011
  • Awarded ‘Angel in the Community’ award for creating the ‘Be A Champion Youth Training Program’ for Columbus Youth, 2011

For the love of running:  

David’s dad was a runner, back in the 70s-80s when it was mostly a male dominated, competitive sport.  His dad fit the stereotypical ‘runner’ type – a skinny, middle aged guy who ran marathons.  David completed his first race at age 9 and has been running ever since.  As time went on, he grew a passion for changing the face of the running industry, allowing people of all lifestyles, ages and genders to call themselves a ‘runner.’

Favorite FITness memory or accomplishment

  • Personally – Completing his first half marathon in Indianapolis (2002)
  • Professionally – After the inaugural Cap CIty race concluded in 2004, once all runners had crossed the finish line, it felt surreal.  He was proud to have helped produce a successful half marathon & celebration for the running and walking community in Columbus.  David stated, “I feel very lucky.  I get to throw parties for a living to celebrate people that have committed to an active, healthy lifestyle.”

Cap City has increased participation over 400% since its debut, due to both the growth of the running and walking community, as well as the growth of the city of Columbus.  The demographics have changed completely since David’s early years; today approximately 65% of participants are women and the average participant age is 36.  M3S has truly transformed running into participation and celebration for all!

Some of David’s favorite things…  

  • Favorite FIT place around Columbus:  
      • David runs with a lot of different training groups and enjoys the  Olentangy Trail when group running.  If flying solo, he can be found on the running trails in Dublin, especially Glacier Ridge, as well as the various golf course paths.
  • Workout routine:  
    • David exercises 5-6 days per week.  He runs 3-4 days for both physical and mental wellness, giving him time to think and reflect.  He also strength trains 3-4 days, typically at a club, his favorite being Kinsale
  • Favorite race distance(s):   
    • He really enjoys the half marathon distance and tries to do one per year.  More recently, the 4 mile distance has become a favorite as well.  He literally ‘ran into the idea’ while running from Corozon to Glacier Ridge Park back to Corozon, the now popular route for the Flying Feather Four Miler.

For popular four mile races and other event series, check out M3S events HERE.


David was a pleasure to talk with and is genuinely interested in helping Columbus become a FIT community.  I’ll close with one of M3S’s mantras ~

Get Fit.  Stay Fit.  Live Fit!

Also read our previous post, TEN REASONS TO RUN CAP CITY, featured on our blog and on!


Fitness Spotlight [Teresa Turnbull]

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.55.37 PM


Teresa Turnbull is a veteran runner with 20+ marathons (coming up on the big 2-5!) and several half marathons and other race distances on her accomplishment list.  She spent nine years in the Army, getting her in ‘military fitness’ shape and has been running ever since.  Teresa pioneered the Dublin LifeTime Fitness Run Club where she coached and trained runners for several years.  She has also run with Columbus Running Company and is now on the MIT [Marathoners in Training] coaching staff, leading the 10 minute pace group [P10s].  Tt or ‘Coach’ as we call her, has inspired countless runners, new and veteran, to complete races of varying distances.  When she is not running, she can be found at her ‘day job’ – a staff accountant for a local CPA firm.

We met Teresa for coffee [Starbucks in Historic Dublin, of course] and here is what she had to say…

How did you get into distance running?

Between the Army and soccer, I have always had a running background.  My first distance race was in 2004, the inaugural Cap City Half. I got my very first 1/2 training schedule from Jenny Hadfield. I loved the half and decided to train for Anchorage Alaska’s Mayor’s Marathon. The race and finish were amazing…. my kids were there, my son ran the finish with me, cancer survivors surrounded the Lake of Hope….  it was so freeing, the best sense of accomplishment!

What is your proudest fitness achievement?

Finishing my first marathon in Alaska.  I like the half, but to run a full, you really have to dedicate yourself and want it.

PR-ing in the Detroit Marathon (2008) ranks right up there too!

Motivation for LIVING FIT:  I love distance running!  It is so freeing, so good for your soul… its very therapeutic.


  • race fuel:  Honey Stinger Orange Blossom energy chews
  • pre-race food:  Pasta & vegetables
  • race distance:   The Marathon!
  • race:     Akron Marathon ~ run it the last seven years consecutively!
  • FIT place around Columbus: Dublin Road trail
  • workout: Tie between a long run or hip-hop fitness (gotta mix it up!)



Fitness Spotlight [Laura Santagata]

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Expertise:  Laura is a teacher, personal trainer, performance nutrition specialist, run coach and founder of Laura’s Bootcamp ~ whew!  Read about Laura’s Bootcamp featured in our Tour of Columbus section.

What are your proudest fitness accomplishments?

I have helped clients with fat loss, building lean muscle mass, improving endurance, training & running marathons, enhance their current sport, improve self-esteem & overall happiness in daily life. My goal is to continue doing what I love: helping people find their true passion & true selves.

Too humble to list her own accomplishments, I will add that she has been featured in Shape Magazine Success Stories and is a Boston Marathon finisher!  

Motivation for LIVING FIT:  There is nothing more important than my health.  The healthier & happier I am, the better trainer, mom, teacher, mentor I am for others.

Favorite healthy food:  Salmon salad

Favorite FIT place around Columbus:  Loves going to any outdoor park, especially Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park in Dublin. Laura’s Bootcamp takes on a ‘primal playground’ role in warmer months as she uses nature to get in a workout… using rocks as weights, using trees and logs as obstacles to do box jumps, push ups, etc!

Favorite workout:  MetCon (if you’re like me and didn’t know what that meant, click HERE to read an article on MetCon!)

Fitness role model:  Mark Sisson