Weekly Workout ~ Half marathon training week 2

Its week #2 of our 12 week half marathon training.  Our LivingFit running group met Saturday for a 4 mile run (had to walk some parts because the trails were covered in snow and ice) and completed our first group run of the 2014 running season!  

The weather is supposed to warm up this week, so hopefully we can get outside for a couple runs ~ we love the convenience of a treadmill, but are ready to hit the trails!   We are even thinking about putting together a very informal 5K for next Saturday as a few members have discussed trying to get in one race per month in 2014… 

Beginner & Intermediate runners training for the Cap City Half on May 3 can follow our week 2 workout below; 

 Half Marathon Training Week #2 

Half Week 2


We will be posting some HALF MARATHON TRAINING TIPS later this week, so stay tuned!  

 Happy running!  

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