Ten Reasons to Run [or walk] Cap City

The Cap City Half Marathon is right around the corner and its not too late to start training! Although many schedules, especially for beginners, are 12 weeks, there are plenty of 10 week schedules out there as well.  The price goes up again on March 1st, so sign up today! A quarter and a 5K are also available for those who wish to do another distance.

The half marathon is hands down my favorite distance.  If you’re debating doing the half, here are some reasons you should consider it….

Ten Reasons to Run Cap City  

1.  Feeling of accomplishment.  When you cross the finish line, whether you sprinted, walked, crawled, PRd or finished for the first time, you will feel amazing!  Maybe not physically (you’ll be tired), but mentally and emotionally.  You just accomplished a great feat!

2.  Get stronger.  After committing to a training schedule, you’ll likely be getting in at least four-five sweat sessions per week.  Your legs, lungs, heart (and other body parts if you follow a full body training plan!) will get stronger with every workout.

3.  Training is ‘doable’ and can fit into your weekly routine.  Marathon training can be hard to fit into an already busy schedule, but a half is the perfect distance to train for without feeling like its taking over your life!  I’ve trained for most of my halfs only running 3 days per week (Tues, Thurs, Sat) with some cross training sprinkled in.  Although you can obviously add in more runs and cross training, especially if you’re trying to PR, 3 runs/week can get you to the finish line.

4.  Swag.  A training t-shirt.  A cool medal.  Yummy post-race snacks & beverages.  A half is also a good excuse to buy some new gear.  There are several companies in Cbus including Columbus Running Co, lululemon, Fleet Feet, and RoadRunner that have great stuff! Update (2017) – also now in Cbus, Bend Active! Check our FR’s article on why to SHOP LOCAL!


5.  Bragging rights and option to decorate your bumper with this sticker or magnet…


6.  Camaraderie (if you’re training with a group).  There is something about training with a group and working towards a common goal together that is very inspirational.  Training for long distances together means lots of conversations, stories and hopefully laughs!  If you live in or around Columbus and want to join a group to train with, check out our Living Fit Run Crew page or other local running groups.

7.  Race Day Magic {or Butterflies, whatever you want to call it}.  Race mornings are a time when your nerves, your adrenaline, your emotions… all collide together and make you feel like a ROCK STAR! Cue Rocky theme song now… Da na naaaaa, Da na naaaaaaa….

8.  Build (and check off) items on your Fitness Bucket List.  Maybe you want to run one race in your life.  Maybe one per month.  Maybe a race in each state.  My personal goal is to run a half marathon in half the states.  Whatever your fitness goals are, why not work some road races in there?

9.  Check out CBUS!  Columbus is an amazing city and looks even cooler on foot.  Check out the route HERE.  Another bonus, it is FLAT, which makes for an easier, faster route.



10.   Post-race photos.  This is perhaps one of my personal favorites!  Capture those moments where you look like an accomplished [Olympic] athlete.  Pose with that medal.  If you’re feeling extra ambitious, post to Instagram and tag it #LivingFitColumbus ~ we’d love to see them!

What are you waiting for?  



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