RUNNING TIPS from the trail

Our LivingFit running group meets on Saturday mornings. As we’re covering mileage, RUNNING TIPS Benefits of runninginevitably become part of the conversation.  Whether you are considering doing your first race, training for a new distance (several friends training for their first Half Marathon this spring!) or just running to stay FIT, it never hurts to take a crash course on Running Tips 101!

And perhaps you think ‘I’m not a runner’ ~ check out Katie’s success story and maybe you’ll change your mind.  Also, love this quote “The difference between walking and running isn’t speed or biomechanics… It’s determination.  If you have the determination to stick with a training program, you’ll soon be a runner.” 

Some RUNNING TIPS to consider this season…

  • Ease into it.     If you are new to running, just getting back into it after taking a break or training for your first marathon ~ EASE INTO IT.  Take walk breaks and don’t increase mileage by more than 10% per week.  Shin splints are common if you do too much, too soon.  Also pushing yourself too hard too hard can result in discouragement or burnout, so don’t be afraid to take it slow in the beginning.  Your runs should be at conversational pace (Boston winner, Burfoot, recommends heart rate b/w 120 & 140).
  • Get a pair of quality running shoes.     I’ll repeat this one.  Get a pair of quality running shoes!  My first running injury (back in 2000, before I was distance running) came because I was running in a New Balance cross training shoe ~ it was not designed specifically for running and it did not fit my foot/stride/gait, etc!  When my knees start hurting on a long run, its almost ALWAYS because I’m in a shoe that has too many miles and I know its time to get a new pair.  Stores around Columbus that are especially helpful include Columbus Running CoFleet Feet, Front Runner and RoadRunner.
  • Set goals for yourself.     What are your reasons for running?  Maybe its running for 30 minutes straight (a GREAT goal for a new runner).  PR-ing on your next race.  Talking a friend into their first ______ [fill in the blank for a distance!]  Losing 10 pounds.  Running ___ miles per week or month.  If you set a running goal, you’ll be more likely to achieve it.  Get it in writing.  Better yet, tell it to your running group (if you don’t have one, come check out Living Fit ~ its FREE!)
  • Nutrition & Hydration.     This one deserves a blog post all on its own.  Your body needs proper fuel to be able to run, so make sure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet.  There are so many ‘trends’ out there (Paleo, Advocare, Clean Eating, South Beach, etc) just choose something that works for you based on your goals.  If someone is running to lose weight (see Eating Healthy) and someone else is running to PR for a half marathon (see Eat Like a Runner), their diets and calorie intakes may be different.  Also, make sure you are drinking enough fluids ~ trainer Chris Powell recommends half your body weight in ounces (for example, a 140 pound person needs to consume 70+ ounces of water per day).
  • Be mindful of injury prevention.     Be sure you’re in the right shoe.  Don’t climb mileage too quickly.  Hydrate.  Rest or alternate running days.  Stretch (after warming up).  Although you can’t eliminate injuries (we have all had one at some point!) you can minimize your risks to them.

I’ve been running distance races for 7+ years and I still enjoy brushing up on my running tips, especially when talking and working with runners training for a new distance.

We will update this blog to expand upon each of the TIPS above as the training season progresses.

Do you have any TIPS that helped you go from walker to runner?  Or when you were training for a new distance?  Please SHARE and send COMMENTS!

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