8/21 ~ Day EIGHT of JUMP START Challenge

Whitney Carlson’s 21 Day Jump Start Fitness Challenge 

DAY EIGHT…spring_detox-2

The DETOX phase is complete!  Woohoo!

The next phase consists of being able to add a healthy, lean protein back into each meal.  Still no carbs/gluten and VERY limited fats.  Also consists of a customized FAT-BURNING workout routine.

DAY EIGHT, my personal thoughts… 

Pros of DETOX phase:


  • cleansing body of impurities
  • ate more vegetables in seven days than I think I have in last seven weeks
  • lost 6 pounds!

Cons of DETOX phase:

  • Headaches for first 4 days, off and on
  • Tired and cranky (mostly the whole 7 days, according to my students :))

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Please contact Whitney if you’re interested in pursuing a fitness challenge of your own!

Click HERE to see DAY ONE and Teresa’s Weight Loss Journey.

“My body, like my life, is a work in progress!”  ~ Jessica Simpson, Weight Watchers spokes-momma

Here’s to LOSING weight while GAINING confidence and an even happier, healthier, FIT life!  


Photo credits to; www.lytnyc.com & http://farmfreshdirect.net

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