Guest blogger – Cody McCague

Our first guest blogger!  

Cody McCague is a student-athlete at Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, Ohio.  He is an avid baseball player, has his own website about fitness (a class project) and has been known to say “Nothing beats a good workout!” Cody has been featured in The Columbus Dispatch, THIS WEEK Community Newspapers and hopes to stay involved in sports & fitness during his college years.    

Olentangy Orange’s Cody McCague (20) throws an out at first


Cody offered to write a quick article post for today.  Here is what he had to say…

Five Tips ~ Getting “CUT” for Summer:

1) Prepare a weekly diet & meal plan – write each meal down so you can check them off.  Lean proteins (chicken, fish, eggs), vegetables and fruits should make up the bulk of the list.  Vegetables are a must!  Go to the store and get the food and ingredients from your weekly plan.  Prepare and package your meals for the week.

2) Do not let yourself eat past 9pm at night or this will be stored as fat. 😦

3) Exercise!  Try and get out for a jog or something that will keep you moving and burn some calories. Even a walk is better than nothing!  Do this daily, if possible.

4) Find yourself some inspiration to help push through (bathing suit season?).  My motto is, “Work hard now and it will pay off later.” 🙂

5) Remember, one cheat day a week wont hurt you ( just like eating only one healthy meal won’t benefit you).  I’ve been known to sneak some chocolate every now and then.

Good luck!

Olentangy Orange’s Cody McCague returns to home plate and teammates following his home run

Thanks Cody!  

We want to hear from our readers!  

What is your FIT Philosophy for Summer?  What is your FIT motto? What is your favorite cheat meal?  Commenting and sharing is caring!  

Photo credits to:  The Columbus Dispatch, THIS WEEK Community Newspapers

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