Fitness Spotlight [David Babner]


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David Babner is a Dublin resident and enjoys running, fitness, wellness and giving back to the community.  A former Babner profileattorney, he is now popularly known as the Race Director of the upcoming Capital City Half Marathon, as well as several other signature race events.  In 2002 he founded M3S Sports, a Columbus based race management company.  David, along with his M3S crew, played a significant role in the transformation of the Columbus running industry, helping make it a lifestyle available to all, in contrast to the previous days of just elite athletes and competitive sporting events.

Some of David’s other FIT accolades include…

  • Helped pioneer the 4 mile race distance, which is growing in popularity around Columbus
  • Appointed to the Greater Columbus Sports Commission’s Board of Commissioners, 2012
  • Nominated for National Race Director of the Year, Road Race Management, 2011
  • Awarded ‘Angel in the Community’ award for creating the ‘Be A Champion Youth Training Program’ for Columbus Youth, 2011

For the love of running:  

David’s dad was a runner, back in the 70s-80s when it was mostly a male dominated, competitive sport.  His dad fit the stereotypical ‘runner’ type – a skinny, middle aged guy who ran marathons.  David completed his first race at age 9 and has been running ever since.  As time went on, he grew a passion for changing the face of the running industry, allowing people of all lifestyles, ages and genders to call themselves a ‘runner.’

Favorite FITness memory or accomplishment

  • Personally – Completing his first half marathon in Indianapolis (2002)
  • Professionally – After the inaugural Cap CIty race concluded in 2004, once all runners had crossed the finish line, it felt surreal.  He was proud to have helped produce a successful half marathon & celebration for the running and walking community in Columbus.  David stated, “I feel very lucky.  I get to throw parties for a living to celebrate people that have committed to an active, healthy lifestyle.”

Cap City has increased participation over 400% since its debut, due to both the growth of the running and walking community, as well as the growth of the city of Columbus.  The demographics have changed completely since David’s early years; today approximately 65% of participants are women and the average participant age is 36.  M3S has truly transformed running into participation and celebration for all!

Some of David’s favorite things…  

  • Favorite FIT place around Columbus:  
      • David runs with a lot of different training groups and enjoys the  Olentangy Trail when group running.  If flying solo, he can be found on the running trails in Dublin, especially Glacier Ridge, as well as the various golf course paths.
  • Workout routine:  
    • David exercises 5-6 days per week.  He runs 3-4 days for both physical and mental wellness, giving him time to think and reflect.  He also strength trains 3-4 days, typically at a club, his favorite being Kinsale
  • Favorite race distance(s):   
    • He really enjoys the half marathon distance and tries to do one per year.  More recently, the 4 mile distance has become a favorite as well.  He literally ‘ran into the idea’ while running from Corozon to Glacier Ridge Park back to Corozon, the now popular route for the Flying Feather Four Miler.

For popular four mile races and other event series, check out M3S events HERE.


David was a pleasure to talk with and is genuinely interested in helping Columbus become a FIT community.  I’ll close with one of M3S’s mantras ~

Get Fit.  Stay Fit.  Live Fit!

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