Join us tomorrow for a WOD, music & refreshments

Join us tomorrow for the Fitness & Freedom event @ the lululemon polaris store! 



Keith Simon is a nutrition & CrossFit enthusiast and trainer/coach at Crossfit Polaris.  We like what he had to say about ‘building your community.’

From Keith’s blog… keithon2

“The great thing about CrossFit isn’t the advertised result (although that is pretty sweet).

It’s the community.

Finding your community is hugely important to growing yourself as a person, athlete, parent, husband & wife, leader, participant etc. It keeps you level, and makes you strive for more. To be successful in any environment, you need to surround yourself with both like minded people, and successful people in that arena. CrossFit, business, church, anything.

At the end of the day: it’s only a workout. You go home afterwards, and have more important things, with more important people & more important reasons. We all want to do our best. For ourselves, and our community.

Which community are you striving for?”


Hope to see you tomorrow!  

Photo credits to:  lululemon polaris, CrossFit Polaris

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