Ninja Warriors, Spartans & Yoga day 19 [yoga for runners]

Ninja WHAT?   Kacy

If you have seven minutes to spare and are into fitness, competitions and overall awesomeness, check out this video on Kacy Catanza, the first female Ninja Warrior to advance past the finals on the American Ninja Warriors television series.

Kacy is a former gymnast turned, well, NINJA!  If you are interested in her training routine which consists of clean eating end exercise (duh!) you can read more HERE.

She is definitely on our list of amazing female athletes that we will be following.  Go Kacy!


Speaking of Ninjas, what about Spartans? 

Are you SPARTAN strong? This obstacle race series has three exciting announcements…

  1. They have recently partnered with Runner’s World
  2. They are bringing the race [three distance options] to OH-IO on October 4th
  3. They have donated a FREE registration to Living Fit Columbus readers/runners as a giveaway!


Check this one minute video to get an idea of what the race is like…

Check back soon for more details on the Spartan race series and our FREE ENTRY giveaway!  If you can’t wait for more info, visit for details and training information.


Day #19 Yoga Challenge 

We had a four mile group run this morning (nice job ladies!) so we will do a yoga for runners sequence to stretch out.  Thanks to Yoga at Gazelle Sports for the sequence.


The #independencearmy  challenge is Mukta Hasta Sirsasana C, which according to Kino is the hardest of the unsupported headstands.  Since we haven’t quite mastered headstand, we won’t attempt this one today.  But good luck if you can do it!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM


Lastly, your quote of the day…


Follow our yoga challenge from the beginning by visiting our first post HERE.


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