Yoga Challenge Days 25 & 26

Days #25 & 26   

Day 25 – a short yoga session… a crazy, busy, traveling day so just a little bit to keep up the challenge.

Day 26 – a four mile run, a two mile walk and some post-run stretching with Yoga for Runners Part 2 from  Christine, author of the love life surf blog, states “[These poses] target the key muscles used for running and thus, are the ones that are most likely in need of some love – hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, ankles and groin.”

Poses included; Yoga-for-Runners

  • Low lunge
  • Pyramid pose
  • Hip opening lunge
  • Eagle pose
  • Double pigeon pose

If you missed Friday’s post, check it out here for lovelifesurf’s Yoga for Runners Part 1.

The #independencearmy  challenges are below if you are still following those.  The rest of the poses are beyond our beginner yoga limitations, so we will not be attempting days 24-31… if you can do them, by all means, please do!  Someday, we may be able to join you 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.40.36 PM

Today’s run was tough, mentally and physically.  It was hot.  It was hilly.  We had several reasons and excuses that we could have canceled and sat on our bums.  But we logged our miles and got it done!  Even though running is sometimes something we have to squeeze in, something we don’t want to do, we do it.  And in the end, we love it.



Follow our yoga challenge from the beginning by visiting our first post HERE.

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