Fitness Challenge – 12 week run builder

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I am a business teacher and the school year is upon us once again.  This means more time spent in my classroom and a little less time typically for blogging, photography, exercising, and other things I enjoy.  So we are participating in a new fitness challenge to keep motivated and stay on track ~ can’t let the idea of less leisure time impact our fitness level!

We [Teresa, Peggy & even Joey] will be participating in Whitney Carlson’s 12 week run builder program.  In order to train for the last-chance-for-the-she-sweats-summer-challengeBuckeye Classic 10K on Nov 2, we will start the program this week.  You must also finish by Nov 5 if you are entering her contest, so all the more reason to start this week with us!

For only $30, you get a myriad of benefits including a [49 page!] training manual which includes workout plans designed for the runner looking to build muscle and increase speed and stamina.

To sign up visit Whitney’s page @, you must enter by WEDNESDAY to be eligible for her prize package, valued at $200!  

I found Whitney while searching online for clean recipes after the first of the year.  Her recipe site, has amazing dishes that taste good and help you obtain the clean eating lifestyle so many of us [attempt to] follow.  Her and her  husband both embraced a new way of FIT life and their transformation is amazing!  Check them out below…

Eat Clean Transformation-Weight Loss-Clean Eating-He and She Eat Clean-Fitness-Exercise


I participated in Whitney’s 21 day Jump Start challenge this past winter and witnessed AMAZING results, as well as a rekindled spark for fitness.  I am looking forward to this challenge to help me re-focus on strength training and hopefully see an improvement in my running as well.

If you decide to join, make sure you post on our Facebook page or email us @ to let us know, so we can help keep each other motivated.  We also have a LivingFit Columbus prize package available for the winner if we get at least FIVE people to join!

Hope to see you on the running trail for this 12 week run builder challenge!



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