Giveaway [lululemon athletica & NOOMA]

As you probably know by now, we are pretty fond of lululemon.  You can read why in our earlier article, 10 reasons we love lululemon athletica.

Our awesome partnership with the polaris store has brought so many benefits.  We cross-promote each other.  We have met some awesome people and attended some great events.  And now, they are offering their first giveaway to Living Fit followers!

lululemon Wrunning layout

Goodies include [$60+ value!]…   

  • a reusable tote  LU9416S_012305_1
  • the [small] towel
  • ultimate padded run socks
  • purist water bottle
  • samples of a new energy drink, NOOMA (more about them soon, check out their website HERE)

To enter all you need to do is…

  • ATTEND at least one group run or event listed on the August EVENTS list [check events on our Aug newsletter HERE]
  • LIKE our Living Fit FaceBook page, LIKE this post on our page and COMMENT stating which event(s) you attended or plan to attend
  • BONUS! – TWO entries for bringing a friend to an event!  Just make sure you comment on the post stating which event and tag your friend so we can keep track of both your entries.

Last day to enter will be the last run of August [Saturday, Aug 30th] and winner will be chosen shortly thereafter.

Hope to see you soon!

One comment

  1. Reblogged this on Living Fit [Columbus] and commented:

    This is the last week for the giveaway! Join us tonight and/or Saturday and post to the FB message to enter. Bring a friend for a double entry. Good luck and thanks to lululemon athletica for the awesome bag of swag!

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