RUN + YOGA challenge [Day 2]

Did you make it to day 2?  Hopefully, considering yesterday you were allowed to have a rest day! A bunch of our runners attended a hot yoga class at Harbor Yoga studios.  No resting here!

Today is RUN day.  images

If you are a veteran…

Consider mixing in a little speed work on Tuesdays.  Speed training has many benefits, which you can read about in our previous post.

Today’s speed session – let’s start off easy.  This can be completed on a track, outside, or a treadmill.  We will use time instead of distance.

  • 5-10 minute warmup [EZ jog or walk]
  • 2 miles of intervals [pickup your pace, slow it down, pick it back up – remember Indian Runs?]
  • 5 minute cooldown & stretch

If you are a newbie…

Just work on building endurance and take it nice and easy.  You should not incorporate speed training into your running routine until you’ve been running [injury free] for at least 6 months.

Remember, you can adjust the weekly schedule to meet your needs, just do your best!

Good luck! 

Just joining us?  Below are some links to get you started…

The synergy of running and yoga

RUN + YOGA Living Fit [Columbus] Challenge – Day One

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.55.10 PM

The challenge is below, both a picture and pdf version.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.58.20 PM

YOGA + RUN challenge [PDF version]

Disclaimer:  We are NOT PROFESSIONAL runners or yogis, so make sure you check with your doctor and/or exercise professional for tips, advice, etc.  We are just a group of fitness junkies who love a good challenge now and then 🙂

 “Benefits of running” photo credit to

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