RUN + YOGA challenge [Day 6] & TOP TEN REASONS TO RUN

Today is a RUN day.    

Our Living Fit running group logged various mileage this morning out on the Dublin Rd Trail… from 3 miles all the way up to 18.5!  Saturdays are our long, slow run days.  Pace is conversational and we talk and laugh the miles away.

We have had this blog for nine months now and have never really talked much about the MANY, MANY, MANY benefits of running.  This month we started including ‘WHY I RUN’ into our blog posts, so stay tuned for those from our run club members.  Lan offered her story first, you can check it out HERE.

So why put yourself through this tiring, sweaty, challenging workout?  Keep reading!


Reasons to Run

1.  Running is one of the best calorie-blasting workouts in existence.  According to Burfoot, “Running is the most vigorous exercise known to science.  It forces your heart to pump vast quantities of blood through out your body – including your brain.”  Running gives you that cardio fix you need to maintain the weight you want.

2.  SO MANY health benefits!

  • Cardiovascular benefits – good for your heart, lowers blood pressure & improves blood circulation
  • Bone and muscle benefits – helps retain muscle mass, in turn helping bones become stronger
  • Studies show that fitter older adults scored better in mental tests than their unfit peers
  • Studies also show that running can reduce your risk of cancer

3.  Mood lifter – running can help boost endorphins, making your happier!  Who doesn’t love being happy!?  It is also a great way to combat stress and help you improve your sleep, things that make you a happier, healthier YOU!  Run-Happy-with-Brooks-and-rUnladylike

4.  Allows you to set goals and work towards achieving them.  Why not run a half marathon in half the states?  Or train for your first marathon?  Having positive, health-focused goals will improve your quality of life.  And accomplishing those goals…

5.  Along with #5, completing a goal often makes us more confident.  Logging your first 10 miler, PRing in a 5K or simply jogging for the very first time is guaranteed to leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.  Go you!

6.  Running can be a social sport.  You can run with friends, bring your baby in a jogging stroller, even bring your 4 legged friend (as long as its not too hot).  Some of our greatest friendships have been made out on the trail.

7.  Social sports not your thing?  Running solo can give you that alone time and mental clarity that we all need.  Sometimes we think best when we are pounding the pavement, breathing deep.

8.  You don’t need any skill to run.  Just you and a good pair of shoes.

9.  There is no better way to see the sunrise, sunset or the scenery.  Whether in your home town or on a vacation, exploring nature, watching the sun come up, viewing the city… its a beautiful way to view it.  Take your camera phone and capture the beauty.

10.  Rumor has it that runners, and those that sweat in general, tend to look younger and live longer!  There is some wishy-washy evidence of these statements, but we are willing to hope they are true.  Just make sure you wear a hat or sunscreen when running in the sun, otherwise you’ll counteract the sweaty benefits!

[This list of benefits is derived from our own experiences, the running legend, Amby Burfoot, Runner’s World and Felstead’s, Yoga for Runners]

Here are some visual aids, compliments of Pinterest…




So what are you waiting for?  

Ten minutes or ten miles, your heart, waistline and soul will thank you!  Lace up and get out there!  

Just joining us?  Below are some links to get you started…

The synergy of running and yoga

RUN + YOGA Living Fit [Columbus] Challenge – Day One

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.55.10 PM

The challenge is below, both a picture and pdf version.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.56.30 AM

YOGA + RUN challenge [PDF version]

Disclaimer:  We are NOT PROFESSIONAL runners or yogis, so make sure you check with your doctor and/or exercise professional for tips, advice, etc.  We are just a group of fitness junkies who love a good challenge now and then 🙂

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