Run+Yoga challenge [days 25-27] and some new PRs!

Three more days of our challenge!!!  Here is a recap of what we’ve been doing around here…

Day 25 – RUN 100000111_large

We went for a 3 mile group run and then headed to PAI Yoga and Fitness for a session.

Yoga was a Power Flow L1/L2 class taught by Aaron King (pictured, right).  Aaron came around and talked to each of us prior to class beginning, asking ‘What does your body need?’  “Hips and hamstrings” us runners replied!  Lots of lengthening took place, including the [dreaded] hip opener, Lizard pose.  The class was MUCH slower than our favorite style at Harbor Yoga, but it was a great post-run wind down and stretch.



Necessities at a yoga class – The mat and some hydration. 

Day 26 – Rest or Cross Train

Did the former.  A much needed rest day.


Day 27 – RUN

Group run day!  Mileage varied between 3 & 4 miles. And some yummy autumn-flavored coffee at Winans Dublin afterwards.

Several miles away, Lan & Katie were both participating in the Akron Half Marathon and both PRd!  Yay girls!

10708030_10152421713407613_1013337126_n 993471_10202829613527931_8208861511244570351_n


Great work the last few days.  Scratch that, the last few weeks!   Hope to see you the last few days of this fun and healthy challenge.


Join us this month [National Yoga Month!] as we wrap up our Run+Yoga Synergy challenge.  

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.56.30 AM

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