Running tips from Columbus Running Co & a fun family 5K

Dublin, Ohio is home of so many great fitness companies, events, running trails and more.  This weekend we are attending the Dublin 5K and just today, caught an interview on the radio with one of our favorite local brands, Columbus Running Company.

Running tips from E Fruth, CRC [Dublin]

Eric Fruth is the owner of Columbus Running Company Dublin.  We have worked with Eric [a genuinely nice guy!] and have run with CRC’s running group several times in the past. The River 104.9 interviewed him on his running thoughts and we caught them just in time for today’s race!  Here is a recap of Eric’s three takeaway tips for new runners…

  1. Get over the wall of intimidation.  Some new runners may be timid about trying a new activity.  Push aside any doubts or negative thoughts you have and JUST GO FOR IT!  You can do it!
  2. Find the right shoe.  Your body absorbs a lot of shock and pounding during a run.  You have to make sure you’re in the correct fit and cushion for your body, stride, etc!  CRC does custom fitting to get you in the right shoe.
  3. Find a buddy.  Find a friend, join the Cbus Pacers, Living Fit Columbus, The River Runners or any local running group. Running can be a social sport and the company provides added motivation & accountability.


Columbus Running Co. + Dublin 5K = a fun family event! 

Join us tomorrow for the Dublin 5K at Glacier Ridge Metro park.  You can read more details on our previous post HERE or visit the event page HEREDublin 5K-8Event sponsors include…


That’s all for now!  Hope to see you at the Dublin 5K tomorrow morning!

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