Tour of Columbus [& Running Field Trips]

Each month we will feature a TOUR OF COLUMBUS ~ visiting and reviewing a new fitness location (gym, park, fitness center, etc) in and around Columbus! Our running group will also do a RUNNING FIELD TRIP once per month to check out a new trail. Come join us!

Tour of Columbus // RISE Fitness Community

We have toured a LOT of fitness places around Columbus. Some are “okay” and we are glad we made the visit to check it out. Some are so good we blog about them and include on our Tour of Columbus recaps and visit now and then.

And rarely, we fall in LOVE and will continue going back time and time again.

This has only happened with a handful of places in Cbus since the onset of this blog four years ago. You probably already know that we are obsessed with VPower Yoga, Harbor Yoga and Orange Theory Fitness. Well, add another studio to that short list!

I started attending RISE Fitness Community for their December challenge last month and absolutely fell in love! This is a runner’s dream and the perfect combination of running, speed work, cross training (variety of options including HIIT classes and runner specific strength training in run club classes) and knowledgable coaches that are all runners themselves.


Although there are a wide variety of run classes and HIIT classes, my work and family schedule has only allowed me to try two different types so far, Rise Run Club (RRC) Power and RRC Precision. As a distance runner, I’m (typically) good about getting in the mileage & the long runs with friends… but I’m always looking to add strength training and speed work to my routine. RISE offers the perfect combination!

RRC Precision is an hour long class where you rotate in 10 minute intervals between the treadmill and your yoga mat, doing runner-specific strength training and floor exercise intervals. RRC Power is very similar, but you do the 30 minute treadmill portion first, then hit the yoga mat for the second 20-30 minutes.  Both classes include a warm up and cool down. Get there a tad early and you can likely get in some additional time on the treadmill as you warm up!  I can almost always count on getting in 3.5 – 4 miles or more.

All of the RRC classes have the option to utilize heart-rate based training. Strap that bad boy on and push yourself into the four different zones throughout your workout! Your trainer will guide you through the session and like any good run coach, will also motivate you, believe in you… and PUSH you! I seriously feel like I could go conquer a marathon after I’ve finished a workout here.  Although I don’t plan to any time in the future. 🙂

I’m excited to check out other classes, especially RISE & RENEW – you start on the treadmill, and then end with a yoga session. Seriously?  My two favorite things! This is the best combination since peanut butter and jelly!!

There are also HIIT classes that take place in the front studio and do not include treadmill running. I haven’t taken this class, but we did a few workouts in the front area…


When I told the owners, Michelle Flemming & Jessica Kopp, that I wanted to rave about RISE in a blog post, they were willing to answer a few questions for me. I love including things from the owner’s perspective!  Here are a few tidbits from co-owner, Michelle…

Why did you start RISE?

“We started RISE to help more people find health. We believe that each person is on Earth for a purpose and if they are healthy, they can do it with zeal. The world is a better place when people are doing what they are meant to do. Thomas Jefferson said, “Exercise and recreation are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary, because health is worth more than learning.” The root of everything is having a healthy body, mind and soul. RISE is working towards that every day.

From a business perspective, we wanted to be the first to open a running studio in Columbus so that we could expand our love of running to our programming. Running studios are popping up around the country just like cycling did ten years ago. We love being a part of this action-packed opportunity.”


Me with co-owner, Michelle Flemming

What is your experience as a runner and how does that help make RISE specifically beneficial for runners?

“Both Jess and myself have been runners for a long time. We were athletes growing up in sports that required at least 5 miles per game. After our sport specific days came to an end, we both desired a physical challenge, to feel strong again and of course a little competition (even if it just with ourselves). We ran for exercise and for mental health, but when RISE Run Club came about, we discovered another level of training. We are healthier and stronger athletes than we were ever before, and the best part is that our RISE athletes are actually in better shape than us! Although it is a pride check to get out run by one of our athletes, it is the exact reason that we do what we do: to bring out the best in people.”

Can you give us a quick rundown of the classes and programs you offer to benefit runners?

“We offer RISE Run Club and HIIT IT classes all day, every day of the week and our athletes reach their goals using any combination of the two. In addition to these large group exercise programs, twice annually we offer a half & full marathon training program (July & February). We love helping our athletes set a lofty goal, overcome obstacles, and cross that start line. The finish line is just some extra icing, and it is only after our runners do it that they realize the journey was just as sweet as the glorious finish.”


Both owners and all the instructors we’ve met so far are kind, genuine and super motivational. They want you to work hard towards your goals, whether its getting into running, training for your first 5K or trying to qualify for Boston. That last one’s not on my personal bucket list, but I’m only half crazy!!

If you want to check it out, they offer first class free and have ongoing specials, challenges & more.  Tomorrow is FRIEND FRIDAY so bring a new training buddy to sweat it out with you and you’ll both receive a free class added to your account!

I really can’t say enough good things about this studio, the workout(s) and the people. I will be a long-term athlete here and can’t wait to have them help me cross many finish lines over the coming years!



Left to right // Jen (new member!), Jessica (co-owner), & me in the obnoxious neon 🙂 


Tour of Columbus // StudioTorch

We visited StudioTorch last week for a kick-a*s work out and I was sore for days! As a distance runner, I’m usually good about getting in those miles and an occasional yoga session, but strength training and HIIT workouts? Not so much! This was a great workout that should definitely be incorporated for cross training into any runner’s routine.


Different days of the week mean different workouts, helping keep your workout fresh & provide a complete training routine.  We got lucky – or maybe unlucky – and ended up doing Total Body. That explains why my total body was tight for a couple days! I’m a cardio junkie so I’d personally be drawn towards Fridays, but my body probably needs me to go on a total body or arms/abs day.


We split into four groups and after a warm up, we rotated between four stations, completing a variety of HIIT circuits including treadmill sprints, 200 meter rows, squats, lunges, TRX exercises, core work… and probably a lot of other things that I’ve blocked out of my memory. My joke never gets old (to me), “I can run forever, but my legs start shaking after 20+ squats!” It was a 55 minute, heart-pounding workout that pushed me to my physical limits.

The head trainer was great and thankfully there were a few coaches in my group who I may-or-may-not-have watched several times during that first rotation. Everyone was super helpful, energetic and the class was just what I needed.


Being that this was their “soft opening” before their big GRAND opening, most of the coaches, staff and of course, owners were there. After class, we snapped a couple group photos and got to chat with founders, Tom & Jon. Then we headed out to the lobby for their launch party refreshments including lots of goodies from local vendors. This was the royal treatment!  IMG_5029IMG_5036IMG_5038

All in all, this was a FANTASTIC experience.  A good calorie burn, great people, nice & clean facility (it actually still had that ‘new car’ smell!)… all the essentials for a great place to visit if you’re looking for a new place to check out. I *think* I’ve officially committed to attempting a PR in the spring… meaning I’ll need to up my game and start including more strength training & getting that heart rate up.  StudioTorch would be the perfect workout to mix into my spring training – I will be back!

Ten favorite places to run, hike & enjoy the great outdoors in central Ohio

On our sister site, LeenaBee Photography, we did a Columbus Parks Tour blog post that was three years in the making! We highlighted our favorite parks and places to go as a family and with the kids. Check it out HERE!

For this tour, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite places & parks to SWEAT! Most of these have amazing running trails, but some we just like for their central Ohio location, green space or perhaps even a little hiking.  Trails highlighted in this post are…

  1. Dublin Road Trail & Parks, Dublin
  2. Rings Road Trail & Parks, Dublin
  3. Glacier Ridge Metro Park, Dublin/Plain City
  4. Highbanks Metro Park, Powell/Lewis Center
  5. The Olentangy Trail, Columbus
  6. Rail to Trail, Hilliard
  7. Columbus Commons –> Schiller Park, German Village
  8. Scioto Mile, Downtown Columbus
  9. Village Green Park, Powell
  10. Sharon Woods Metro Park

We hope to add to this over time so feel free to send us ideas for places we need to check out! Update: For summer 2018, we are adding HIKING & DAYTRIPS around Ohio! 

1. Dublin Road Trail & Parks, Dublin 

Good for:  running, walking, biking, hiking

Overview: Our running group typically starts in Historic Dublin and runs north up Dublin Rd towards Muirfield/Shawnee Hills (towards Wendy’s).  This out & back course is offers eight miles and you can easily tack on additional mileage by adding in Emerald Parkway, Indian Run Falls, Amberleigh or jogging over through the new Bridge Park area.  The route is also bike friendly, as its entirely paved.  The rolling hills will give you a workout!  The mileage really is endless as we’ve even trained for marathons on these paths & sidestreets, getting in a 20 miler.

Scenic spots & stops along the way:

  • Historic Dublin & the Karrer Barn have a lot of picturesque spots to #StopDropandYoga or get in a nice post-run stretch.
  • Kiwanis Riverway park has some pretty views, a steep hill and some stairs that could be great for hill work days.
  • Indian Run Falls has some hiking paths through the beautiful falls.  The park has two main entrances, one off Shawan Falls & the other near the Dublin library.  Leave the strollers and bikes aside for this portion, as there are dirt paths and stairs not conducive to wheels!
  • Amberleigh Park is about halfway and has a unique playground, stairs down to the river and a short hiking trail through the woods.  It also has seasonal bathrooms in the shelter house area.  Two sets of stairs make this an excellent spot for stadium drills, an alternate to hill work.


2. Rings Road Trail & Parks, Dublin 

Good for:  running, walking, biking

Overview: 6+ mile trail on out & back course (could continue further!) – we start in Old Dublin, head west towards the “dancing bunnies” then back.

Scenic spots along the way:

  • The Field of Corn, a great place for some #stopdropandyoga.
  • Balgrafin Park has a water fountain for both humans & doggies ~ a good spot to take a stretch or even let the kids out of the bike trailer to play.
  • Visit the bunny sculptures and hop in the fountains to cool down!

Other things to note: no restrooms along this route (that we know of), but could head up to Tuttle and find a restaurant or gas station if you’re desperate!

3. Glacier Ridge Metro Park, Dublin/Plain City 

Good for:  running, walking, biking

Overview: this park has two entrances and trails that connect.  We have run many races through here, including the Dublin Alumni 5k, Flying Feather Four Miler and the Emerald City races.

Scenic spots along the way: a pretty boardwalk, lagoon (when there is water) and a lookout tower at the south end

Other things to note: seasonal restrooms at both entrances


4. Highbanks Metro Park, Powell/Lewis Center 

Good for:  running, walking, hiking

Overview: We love the hills here.  But we also hate the hills here!  We have done a few training runs and races here, the inclines will give you a run for your money!  This is a beautiful, scenic way to spend an afternoon hiking, walking or if you dare, running.


5. The Olentangy Trail, Columbus  

Good for:  running, walking, biking

Overview: So many possibilities on this trail!

  • North end trail head near Hills Market, called Worthington Hills Park.  
  • Another trail entry near the Worthington Farmer’s Market.  In the summer, enjoy a RUN+YOGA…  Yoga on the Green is compliments of Native Juice!
  • Olentangy Park near the Worthington Mall is another popular trail head, the one we’ll likely be using while the construction is going on.

Scenic spots along the way: lots of other runners & bikers, the Antrim Park pond, nice bridges & parks, including the Columbus Park of Roses

Other things to note:  There are a few pitstops (water and portapot at Antrim, water at the Olentangy Park trail head) but bring your own water, just in case. Visit their site for details and routes. 


6. Rail to Trail, Hilliard  

Good for:  running, walking, biking

Overview: Many possibilities and trail heads on this course, with several parks & green spaces along the route.  We have gotten in 10+ miles around these areas & paths!

Scenic spots along the way:

  • At the southern end is old Hilliard, including fountains & a fun coffee shop we found, Coffee Connections
  • About halfway(ish) is Homestead Park, two playgrounds, covered bridge and seasonal restrooms
  • Northern point is Heritage Dog Park, a beautiful place to watch the sunset!
  • B82DEE17-AB19-493C-A42E-AEBD787715B0C9D2CCB4-0F94-40F0-8219-77F6E95BF4840BF1B5D6-B6F1-472E-B4B5-ACC4B2D73B89

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.41.57 AM9DD7C899-0AB1-4B90-82D9-F70D4A2EDD88IMG_1812.JPG7AE90CBE-E41B-49BB-9A8F-E19009DC0974

7. Cbus Commons –> Schiller Park, German Village

Good for:  running, walking

Overview: Cbus Commons to Schiller Park and back! We do this three mile run 1-2 times a year before Yoga at the Commons.

Scenic spots along the way:  Winans German Village is nearby if you need a coffee and a restroom stop.  Columbus Commons has restrooms open seasonally, along with Jeni’s Ice Cream, yum! 

8. Scioto Mile, Downtown Columbus  

Good for:  running, walking, some green spaces for yoga

Overview: Lots of trails and beautiful views of the city

Scenic spots along the way:  Absolutely GORGEOUS at sunset, several nearby green parks with variety of paths & land/hardscapes including Bicentennial Park, Genoa Park & Scioto Audubon Metro Park.  We’ve done anywhere from a 20 minute run up to five miles, but could easily get more mileage if needed.  We ran this route prior to lululemon’s POGA summer series, as well as for many races and our 2018 Cap City Kickoff Run from Land Grant Brewing Co!

Bicentenial Park 2016-8


9. Village Green Park, Powell  

Good for:  running, walking, HIIT!

Overview: We have met here a few times for play dates, but more recently for the Northwest STROLLER STRIDES class and really enjoy it!  There is a small loop bike/run path and green space for yoga or some stroller workouts.

Scenic spots along the way:

  • There is a splash pad and playground on site for the littles to play before, during or after your workout.
  • We’ve not run it (yet!) but it is a 3.4 mile jog north to Liberty Park
  • Stay after and visit the nearby Olentangy Indian Caves!

10. Sharon Woods Metro Park, Westerville  

Good for:  running, trail running, walking, biking, hiking

Overview: We’ve met here for a 5K, a few short runs, trail runs (a couple off route hills) and some family playtime. This is the main Columbus Metro Park Headquarters so while you’re at it, why not conquer the Columbus Passport Program! There is a regular playground, a natural playground, a river for canoeing, a lake for fishing and nice, clean bathrooms!

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 8.49.47 AMScreen Shot 2018-06-26 at 8.52.16 AM

If you have favorites, suggestions or questions, email us at – we’d love to hear from you!

Special thanks to all my Living Fit runners who accompany me on these runs, chat away the miles and assist with photos!  And thanks to Lauren @WanderlustOnTheRun for the use of a couple of your pics!  xoxo 

SHOUT out // Beatz Fitness

Guest post by Ciera B // Read more about C on her blog @

I have been enjoying Zumba for a few years now, but haven’t found my home. I constantly am trying out new gyms and instructors, but nothing has ever truly stuck with me. Recently I was suggested by a friend to try out Beatz Fitness and thought I’d give it a try. There are two locations one in Westerville and one in Powell (a new one is on the way too) so I went to the Westerville location and immediately fell in love!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The instructor Bobbi is very lively and an amazing instructor. The dances incorporate many moves that truly work out different parts of your body. It’s hard to enjoy Zumba if you don’t feel the music, but Bobbi’s playlists includes a wide range of very up beat music that truly makes you want to dance! The steps can get very intricate, but that is something I enjoy because I am always up for a challenge.

Every time I leave the studio I am sweating and out of breath, but in the best way possible. The Zumba class is an hour long, but the time passes quickly while dancing. I truly believe going to Zumba is an amazing workout especially when you invest yourself in the dance and the moves.  It is definitely a very different type of workout that leaves me in an energized and excited mood for the rest of the day.

Even though I have been going to this specific Zumba class for months now, Bobbi loves keeping all her classes fresh and different for people who are committed to going and want to learn more songs, dances and moves. I would recommend this class for anyone who has ever loved to dance and wants to change up their workout!


Beatz Fitness class schedule

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Beatz Fitness Studio in Westerville

Running Field Trip // Columbus Running Co Short North

As we gear up training for some of our fall races (Gildan Esprit de She 5k/10k is next week!), we met up with Columbus Running Co‘s crew last Saturday AM.  CRC offers free group runs at their various locations throughout Cbus and although we’ve joined in on CRC Dublin’s runs a few times, this was our first visit to the Short North location.  Everyone was super friendly and the route was a breath of fresh air, a nice change from our usual out & back up Dublin Rd.  We ventured out of the store, north on High St and jutted over to the Olentangy Trail, turning around at Lane Ave to make the loop back.

It was great seeing new faces, perusing some favorite local brands (CRC carries BEND leggings, and is next door to NATIVE juice bar!) and of course, logging some miles with friends.   Here are a few quick iphone memories from the morning…


We leave you with this quote (pictured above)… “There are no benches in running.”  See you on the trails soon!

Local Shoutout [Columbus Commons]


This summer we are excited to have partnered with the Columbus Commons!  They host a wide variety of events, several of which are fitness related.


We’ve frequented Columbus Commons several times for fit events…we’ve run in races that ended there, attended yoga classes and even organized a RUN+YOGA event last summer with one of our favorite yoga studios, VPower Yoga.  From the Commons website… “No contracts, no excuses! Among the park perks at Columbus Commons are free fitness classes.  Sponsored by United Healthcareand instructed by Ohio Fit Club, you’ll find seven classes every week.”  The summer fitness classes have two sessions, the second one starting August 1 and ending Oct 1.  Stay tuned for another RUN+YOGA event with Living Fit Columbus & VPower Yoga at the Commons in late summer!



Every Thursday from early May through late October, various food trucks take over! There are several that are there every week, along with rotating special trucks each month.  We checked it out last Thursday and didn’t have any problem finding some healthy options.


Some trucks have beverages and some do not, so bring your own water bottle or bring $2 cash for your drink of choice.


Kids are welcome and there are plenty of things for them to do, including Jeni’s ice cream, a carousel and a miniature picnic area.

We really wanted to try Kinetic… but so did everyone else!  The line was a tad too long, so we wandered around to find another healthy option.  We chose the Mixing Bowl Asian Grill, with extra protein and light sauce. IMG_9351IMG_9354


Every Friday the Commons hosts special events, just for littles!  We will be attending this Friday, as well as having a GIVEAWAY, so check back soon.  New this year, Kiddie Fitness classes are being offered from 10:30-11AM… we hope to make it to the July yoga class.


To enjoy all the other ‘happenings’ the Commons has to offer, check out their event schedule HERE.  Hope to see you this summer!

OrangeTheory Fitness – Six Week Challenge Update


We’ve been following Living Fit runners, Peggy and Jen, on their journey to conquer the “Orange Effect”  workouts at OrangeTheory Fitness.  They both took on a six week challenge to push their bodies to the limits and each saw varying benefits.  Jen noticed an improvement in her strength, stamina and overall athletic performance, while Peggy worked tirelessly to achieve a 10 pound weight loss!

Here is what the ladies had to say after putting OTF to the test for six weeks…


OK, so I’m hooked!  I was excited and nervous when I started out on this OTF journey.  Now I’m just plain excited!  During the 6 week Weight Loss Challenge I’m happy to say that I lost 10 pounds.  I didn’t win any cash or swag awards, but the changes in my body, stamina, and overall feeling of well being are reward enough.  I even completed three of the 90 minute sessions.  Yes, me – at 59!  Who knew?!

Jen (another Living Fit runner that took the OTF challenge) and I went to the beautiful gala at the end of the challenge held at Scioto Reserve Country Club.  What an outstanding venue for the grand finale.  It was fun to see everyone all dressed up – even hard to recognize some of the people without their workout garb and blood, sweat and tears!  We enjoyed cheering for our home studios (Jen/Dublin, me/Hilliard).  And we were very happy for all of those that did win the big cash awards and prizes.  Congratulations to all!!

Our Living Fit Columbus group runs are starting up again for the season and I’m so glad to know that I’m in such better shape to start out than I was last year.  Did I mention I’m hooked?  Well, I definitely am.  I’ve signed up to continue these challenging, fat-burning workouts, even now that the challenge is over.  
Thank you OTF!  I plan to keep pushing, keep burning and keep going ALL OUT for many more years to come.
Here are Peggy’s before and after photos… 10 pounds lighter on the right! 



With long work days last summer, I slipped back into some lazy habits of not working out regularly, and I had been lacking motivation.  So, I was excited for this opportunity to participate in OTF’s 6 week Challenge.

IMG_1869Orangetheory Fitness is broken into intervals of cardio and strength training using treadmills, rowing machines, weights, TRX suspension trainers and free weights. Each class includes up to 36 people.  It is heart rate monitored training that is designed to target a specific heart rate that will stimulate metabolism and increase energy.  The result they are looking for is known as the “orange effect” which allows you to burn calories for up to 36 hours after the workout.  Hence the Orangetheory! Makes sense right?!  

According to their website: The physiological theory behind the Orangetheory workout is known as “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” or EPOC. By providing you with a heart-rate monitor and POD, we can monitor your 5-zone interval training sessions that we call the Orange 60. During the 60-minute workout, you will perform multiple intervals designed to produce 12 to 20 minutes of training at 84% or higher of your maximum heart rate, which translates to Zones 4/5. This program design produces workout “afterburn” effect, which is an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after the workout. When combining the amazing workout with EPOC, our clients burn an average of 500 to 1000 calories.


At OTF, the workouts change every day, so there is always something new and you don’t know what to expect until the trainer tells you what to do.  You can make it as easy or as hard as you want…but the point it to get in that “orange” zone.  The trainers motivate you to get there; yet on an individual basis spanning all fitness levels.  


Not only have I found my motivation again, but my increase of muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness is truly incredible.  For example, at the beginning of the challenge, I struggled to run a 60 second “all out” at 7.0 speed, and by the end of the challenge, I was running the same all out at 8.7.  


The great thing about Orangetheory Fitness is that your first class is FREE!  They give you the opportunity to try it out and test the product before committing to a membership.  Columbus currently has three studios, in Hilliard, Dublin and New Albany, with several more studios planned. 
Both ladies seemed to really enjoy OTF… enough that they are both regular members.  Contact your local OTF today, start burning and keep burning!

SUNDAY SHOUTOUT! [Balanced Yoga]

Sunday Shoutout & Tour of Columbus – Balanced Yoga Pre-natal class

[by t gellenbeck and c loncaric]

We’ve checked out Balanced Yoga in Clintonville previously, but since then they’ve done a major overhaul…. and this time we tested a pre-natal class!  Here is a quick recap of our visit…

Thoughts by Teresa:

Having only been to Balanced one other time about a year ago, I was surprised by their renovations.  The entry way was open and stylish, with a small retail section (one of our favorite Bend Active shirts was on display!) and lots of storage for shoes and personal items.  As we headed upstairs, the renovations continued and the studio room we entered had a great vibe to it.  Here is a quick tour, thanks to our handy iPhones…





I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first ever pre-natal class.  Frankie, the instructor, greeted us with a smile and I felt like I sort of already knew her since I’d stalked her bio on the Balanced web site. She was friendly and very knowledgeable about yoga, pregnancy and momma-hood.  Although I did expect it to be slower than the cardio-like power vinyasa classes we are used to, I was pleasantly surprised that we still did several power poses that challenged me.  Frankie gave many modifications for the various stages of pregnancy and at almost 37 weeks, I had no shame in dropping to child’s pose when needed.  I enjoyed the class very much and if the studio were closer, I would probably go regularly these last few weeks!

Thoughts by Christine:

I love the vibe of a room when you gather with a group of like-minded women. It felt like a special treat to myself to be surrounded by others going through the pregnancy experience with me.  It was wonderful to see some celebrating the start of their pregnancy journey and motivating to see the ladies nearing the end of their pregnancy still take the time to nourish their body and spirit. I felt no judgement in the room and was completely comfortable doing what felt good for my body.

Some things I enjoyed [and observed] about the pre-natal class at Balanced…

  • The vibe of this class, although slower than our typical class, still had some spunk to it!  Music was playing in the background, and the instructor spent time moving around the room and offering assistance or adjustments.
  • The class was a balance of active poses, stretching and relaxation. At my stage in pregnancy (17 weeks) I am still very active and able to attend Power Vinyasa and Flow classes two-three times a week.  It can be hard for me to slow down and take it easy!  I thought this class was great because we still worked on strength building in our legs, and went into traditional poses like down dog and chaturanga (with options to modify) that I love, but we also took it slow and were instructed to pay attention to our breath and our bodies throughout the practice. In all yoga classes we are reminded that if something doesn’t feel good, we shouldn’t do it, and this is especially important during the various stages and changes in our pregnant bodies. Shavasana while propped up on blocks and a bolster was so great.
  • The studio has been recently renovated and is beautiful and inviting. There are three rooms for classes and plenty of bathrooms and spaces for personal storage. The only downside to the location is that parking off High St. can be tough during a busy time of day.

I can see myself enjoying this class throughout the rest of pregnancy, now when I am more active, and then deep into my third trimester when I still want to move, but need to tailor my activity to my pregnant body.


Christine, demo-ing the modified plank… one of many modifications Frankie offered.


Christine [left, 17 weeks] and Teresa [right, 36.5 weeks]

Overall we both enjoyed the class very much and give it two (or rather four) thumbs up!  More details…

  • Suggestions:  bring your own mat (rental = $3), get there early due to street parking
  • Drop in class was $15, liked that you could do one pre-natal class (many studios that offer it require a series) 




Tour of Columbus [The Butcher Shop Fitness]

We first visited The Butcher Shop Fitness back in January when we were testing out our Class Pass.  Rachel Wilson had told us about it during our interview with her and Class Pass highly recommended it.  On one visit we tried Lagree Fitness and on another visit, a few girls took the spin class.  We were impressed!  Very challenging workouts, a clean facility and welcoming staff. IMG_8223

IMG_8218“The Science of Lagree Fitness” explains benefits of the Megaformer class including

muscle tension, progressive overloading, cardio and more

IMG_8216Too focused on form to smile… but did enjoy it!


We were excited to take another visit with our Living Fit run crew a few weekends ago, this time with Rachel as our instructor. The Lagree Fitness class uses the Megaformer machine and has been referred to as ‘Pilates on Crack.’ You utilize a slow, controlled movement and WILL shake & burn!

Their website explains the workout as follows; Our Butcher Shop Group Class is a 50 minutes of Lagree Fitness, a high energy, body transforming workout. The class incorporates strength training, cardio, core strengthening, stretching and endurance. Butcher Shop Group Classes are all-inclusive classes meant to be a one-stop solution replacing the cardio elements of your workout in addition to the muscle building elements. Our classes are dedicated to creating long lean muscles increasing endurance and flexibility.

Here’s a photo recap…



Instructor Rachel, giving the girls hands-on instruction and correction




Aggie striking a pose after class


Team Living Fit Columbus with Lagree instructor, Rachel Wilson

Rachel is a great instructor, providing hands on correction, visual examples & easy-to-understand explanations.  Equally as important is her upbeat encouraging vibe, great music selection and willingness to pose for post-sweat group photos. 🙂 We’ve also taken several of her barre-OM classes in which she uniquely combines her love of barre and yoga.

The Butcher Shop is definitely a good place to check out if you want to challenge your body with something new!  The classes are a change from our norm of running and yoga, which is always a good thing for your fitness routine.

Other details:

  • Location ~ German Village  IMG_8217
  • Cost ~ Drop in Lagree Fitness classes are normally $23, but first-timers can test it out for only $10.  Bulk Class Pass, Monthly Memberships and more are available.  Spin classes & passes can also be purchased separately.
  • Need to bring ~ if doing the Lagree class, you’ll need non-slip “grip” socks, although they do have loaners
  • Parking ~ plenty of onsite parking

Sunday Shoutout, FIT Spotlight & Tour of Columbus [Rachel Kerr]

We have been lucky enough to meet up with Rachel Kerr several times in the last couple of months.  We first met over coffee and have since collaborated on some fun fitness projects.

A little bit about Rachel…     Rachel K-11-2

Rachel grew up in West Virginia and has lived in Columbus for the last ten years.  She’s spent years working in marketing & events, yet recently realized she’d be much happier working in her yoga pants!  Rachel followed her passion and sought out to complete her 200 hour YTT certification, while planning The Beauty Barre, a space for women to be empowered.  Her BB site has plenty of goodies for the fitness lover including healthy recipes, powerful workouts, killer retreats and a daily dose of happiness.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.22.04 PM

When she isn’t planning events or teaching yoga classes, Rachel spends time with family & friends.  She loves all things healthy, including yoga, barre, hiking, biking, boating and anything involving the outdoors.  We keep hoping she’ll join us for a run sometime!

As of this interview, she is busy teaching at VUE Columbus, V Power Yoga, Bend Active, System of Strength and Fair Trade Yoga Studios.

Rachel K-12


We’ve been touring Columbus to visit Rachel at various locations.  Our first class with her was a hot Vinyasa Power Flow at VUE Columbus.  It was a beautiful venue and surprisingly, heated right up, even in the middle of winter.  We enjoyed her 60 minute flow and all [of course] headed for coffee after.







Our latest collaboration was a RUN + YOGA event at Bend Active. The runners met at Bend for a 3.1 mile loop around Upper Arlington – check out our route HERE.



After the run, Rachel led us in a 30 minute YOGA FOR RUNNERS class, focusing on stretching, hip openers and specific poses & sequences great for runners looking to cross-train, gain flexibility and/or prevent injury.  Check out our previous post on Running, Yoga & Hips and check out our flow below!

Rachel K-1

Rachel K-2


Rachel K-4

Rachel K-5

Rachel K-7

Rachel K-10


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.59.33 PM

We did a little Q & A with Rachel on all things FIT.  Here is what she had to say…

What is your motivation for LIVING FIT?

I want to feel good and live life to the full potential. It’s hard to do that when you feel sluggish, mentally unhealthy, or just unhappy in your skin.

What does your daily diet look like?

I eat ALOT. A past roommate once told me it’s funny how much I eat. Due to that I try to eat pretty healthy, but I don’t prohibit myself from anything. I typically have a protein shake and coffee in the morning, mid morning snack of apple and peanut butter, salad with pita for lunch, mid evening snack of randomness and dinner to include veggies, fish and some type of potato. I believe red wine and chocolate should definitely be included in the food pyramid.

We definitely agree!

What are your favorite ways to sweat?   

Power Vinyasa Yoga or some type of boot camp class. It’s really hard for me to workout alone so I love the energy and atmosphere a class and instructor bring.

We are big on meeting for coffee after runs.  What is your go-to coffee shop beverage?

I’m pretty plain jane…I just love good old fashioned coffee.

Some of your favorite FIT things?

  • FIT place around Columbus:  System of Strength & Native Cold Pressed
  • Healthy eat(s): Chocolate Banana Protein Shake ~ chocolate powder, organic peanut butter, almond milk, banana, ice
  • Inspirational mantra: Live the life you’d be envious of if you saw someone else living it

Tell us more about The Beauty Barre!  

It’s a space for women to come to be empowered, healthy and beautiful. We do this through awesome workouts, restorative retreats, accountability partners, health and life coaching while surrounding you with a community of inspiring and like-minded women.

Any words of wisdom for others who want to begin or continue a FIT lifestyle?

Just start somewhere; you don’t have to wake up at 5am with a green juice or be able to run a marathon. Healthy looks different for everyone.

Anything else you would want us to know?

I love traveling [Guatemala and Aruba recently] and exploring new adventures!

Rachel K-8

We have really enjoyed getting to know Rachel and look forward to many future fitness encounters. 

Most photos taken by Living Fit Columbus.  Other photo and info credits to The Beauty Barre.