Local active wear = double thumbs up!

We LOVE shopping and supporting local brands.  So when we found out there was a Dublin-based active wear company (think yoga & running, our favorite ways to sweat!) we were excited to check it out!

Bend Active shout out [by L Nguyen]Bend-Active-Logo

Bend Active.  Flexible. Strong. Resilient.

This is a local fitness apparel company I stumbled upon while Instagram-ing.  What caught my attention was their slogan; Flexible, Strong, Resilient.  Naturally as a yoga enthusiast, I was curious about what the company had to offer.

Keep in mind that I have tried a multitude of leggings out there and have narrowed down to very few that fit my everyday FIT lifestyle.  Within a week, I had my first pair (or 2) of Bend’s leggings.  Let’s just say that if I could get away with wearing these 24/7, I totally would!  I even have worn my black Karma Cropped to bed – they are simply that comfortable!  Based on wearing these leggings 4-5 days of the week….these are some thoughts on them…..


  • Shape holds up well even after several washes (I washed them multiple times within a week)
  • There is no tugging or bunching when moving, they stay put!
  • After a sweaty hot yoga class, they dried out fairly quickly; I didn’t track how long, just noticed it when I wore them to a HOT Harbor class and ran to the store after for a quick errand – they dried before I had even checked out!
  • They are comfortable enough to wear ALL-DAY-LONG! This is something I definitely look for. I have tried leggings before where the the elastic (waist or ankle) was constructed in a way that feels uncomfortable… not these!  100% comfy!
  • Fun patterns, including an AMAZING original design by THE Robert Sturman


  • To be honest, I couldn’t think of one. A possible con is I don’t have enough for a week and just need to buy a few more soon 🙂

We have really enjoyed testing these products and definitely plan to continue wearing them.  Check them out for yourself at BendActive.com!

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