Week THREE of our Living Fit Winter Challenge

We are halfway through week three in our eight week winter challenge.

Week two highlights…  Winter Fitness Challenge logo 2014-15

  • Amanda R has taken the lead (495 points total) ~ see if you can catch her during week 3!
  • We had our first FIT book club gathering and plan to read Unbroken ~ we’ll meet in January to discuss it & choose the next book.  The Running Dream is another highly recommended title.
  • Keep logging those points! It is hard to do during the holidays, but the challenge hopefully helps you to be somewhat mindful and still try to make some healthy choices.

Week three info…

  • DOUBLE POINTS challenge this week is for NO SWEETS or NO ALCOHOL… your choice! Difficult during the holidays and social gatherings, so good luck if you can do it!
  • BONUS CHALLENGE options for week 3 ~ CHOOSE TWO as its a 50 POINT MAXIMUM.
    • Post a photo to Instagram about HOW YOU LIVE THE FIT/NOOMA LIFE ~ use the hashtags #Noomalife, #Livingfitcolumbus, #LFCwinterchallenge (25 points)
    • Submit a guest blog post about why you run (in general) and/or why you like to run with the group (25 points)
    • Submit a guest blog post that includes a healthy recipe (25 points)

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.25.15 AM

It may be difficult to get to the gym this week, so why not try a new workout at home?  Squeeze it in between wrapping and baking!  Around here we like to set the over timer for 30 (or 45) minutes and just MOVE!  Dance, chase the kids, climb stairs, run around the house, do some jumping jacks or your favorite yoga sequence… just keep your heart rate up!  Here is another at-home idea from one of our favorite fitness blogs, PbFingers.com —>


Other news ~ email us @ LivingFitColumbus@gmail.com for more info or to share ideas…

  • NOOMA drink is our brand of the week!  Anyone that takes the #Noomalife bonus challenge AND logs points for week three will be entered into a drawing for a FREE CASE of NOOMA!   Nooma was born and raised in Cleveland, but is available in Columbus at various establishments, including Harbor Yoga.  Visit drinknooma.com to learn more about this awesome (low sugar, non-acidic) reydrating beverage.  And make sure you keep logging points through week 8, more Nooma is waiting for you at the finish!
  • We will be submitting a guest blog post to ClassPass at the end of the month.  If you have any feedback on our topic, “Training for a Half Marathon with friends ~ why we train together” please send it our way.
  • There is no scheduled group meet-up this week due to the holidays… although if this weather holds out, we may end up meeting on Sat or Sun for a group run ~ can’t pass up these amazing Dec temps!
  • Upcoming events include an Open House on Jan 4th for Fair Trade Yoga and [hopefully] a Barre event at Bend in late January.  More details to come.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.22.39 AM


And Merry Christmas Eve!

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