Disney Marathon 2015 [Guest post]

[by L Nguyen]


A simple word that sounds daunting to many. Having completed my third one recently, the Walt Disney World Marathon, I was left reflecting back on my previous trainings.

My first marathon, I over trained.

My second marathon, I followed the training schedule religiously.

They always say “third time’s a charm!”  By this third one, training became an amalgamation of all I had learned in the past and I really think I nailed down my strategy.  Now keep in mind, the WDW Marathon is not something to PR, but a festive and fun race.  Disney reminded me to breathe and enjoy the moment.

I ran this race with a very good friend, Jeffrey.  He isn’t the type of runner who talks and runs – which I am okay with as long as someone is running with me and I just mentally think aloud.  A few miles in, Jeffrey put away his music.  I guess I was just too chatty!

The entire run, I soaked in the running culture, waves of emotions, and of course Disney itself. Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.06.34 PMIt is amazing how the running community comes together as “one” for an event and just has fun.  It was dark and chilly when we started… I mean, waking up at 2am wasn’t exactly ideal, but completely worth it!  A couple miles in, I was so excited that I kept telling Jeffrey “Oh my goodness! That mile went by fast!” Five miles turned into 10 miles which turned into 15 miles. Before we knew it, we were almost done.  Somewhere in the middle, we took a break to ride a roller coaster.  The euphoria one gets from running is unbelievable! Towards the end of the race, emotions were all over the place. I was excited that I have almost completed something I have waited for since last year.  Yet, I was slightly sad it was almost over.

Marathon training definitely brings out the best in you and the worst (ie feeling absolutely guilty when you’ve missed a run).  It also demands the best in you.  I crossed that finish line with that same triumphant feeling I always get at the end of any major race.  The – “OH MY GOSH I DID IT!” repeated mentally and verbally.  That feeling when you receive your medal. That feeling when you get your water and post race snacks.  It all gives you goosebumps.

Naturally, after this race, I signed up for another one in the spring and plan to make Disney an annual race.  The exhilaration of a “runner’s high” never ends!

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.06.16 PM

Lan is one of our Living Fit running-yogis.  She is signed up for the Scioto Miles spring training race series and the Derby Festival Marathon in April.  She plans to do several races in 2015 and continue working on all things yoga, especially her scorpion.  She also plans to pursue her yoga teacher certification in 2015 or 2016.   


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