Living Fit Columbus Winter Challenge WINNERS!

If I can accomplish an “impossible” feat on my yoga mat, think of all of the possibilities for my life off of the mat. – Masumi Goldman

So proud of these girls!  They ran, they yoga-d [sp?], they tried new places and met new faces, and man did they SWEAT!

WINNERS & prizes of our Living Fit Winter Challenge

Winter Fitness Challenge WINNER 2014-15

First Place – Jen!

  • Recap:
    • Total Points Earned: 2535
    • Some of her 2015 FIT goals:
      • Train to get faster & stronger for the Indy Mini Half Marathon [Hoping to PR and break the 2 hour mark!]
      • Participate in #LFCMilesandMats2015
      • Finish TriFit Duathlon challenge distance [2.4 mi run + 25 mi bike + 10K run]
      • Continue working on forearm balances, choose at least three
      • Run 2015 miles with Amanda R
      • Choose a fall fitness event or retreat to participate in

Second Place – Christine

  • Recap:
    • Total Points Earned: 2505
    • Some of her 2015 FIT goals:
      • Participate in #LFCMilesandMats2015
      • Complete two half marathons
      • Complete five total races, including one with her husband
      • Work towards setting and accomplishing personal yoga goals

Third Place – Amanda R

  • Recap:
    • Total Points Earned: 2445
    • Some of her 2015 FIT goals:
      • Complete the 2015 miles challenge with Jen (1007.5 miles for each of us!)
      • Participate in #LFCMilesandMats2015
      • PR for a half marathon
      • Commit to another half for the fall
      • Continue to become a better yogi, which has significantly helped my running!

Living Fit 1000 Point Club

  • Jen
  • Christine
  • Amanda R
  • Teresa
  • Peggy
  • Joan
  • Lan
  • Deedra

*All 1000 Point Club members [those that logged over 1000 points during the eight week challenge] will be entered in a drawing for a Winans gift basket! Drawing will be conducted this weekend at our YOGA class @ VUE.*

Thank you to all our sponsors & supporters and GREAT JOB to all our participants!

Watch for more challenges and details on our #LFCMilesandMats2015 challenge on the blog!

Winter Fitness Challenge Memories

[more pics to come ~ also check out #lfcwinterchallenge on Instagram]

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